Saturday, January 30, 2010


We have been trying different things to get Bug to stay in his bedroom when he is up at the crack of dawn. So here is a note that Bryan wrote to Bug and hung on the doors of the entertainment cabnet. We even locked the doors and put up the laptops. The first day, Bug asked me why we wrote a note. I reminded him of the rule of staying in his bedroom and playing quietly if he woke up before 6am. That everyone else in the house was still trying to sleep when it was 4am. So this note was a reminder for him. He then asked me why the doors were locked and wanted to know. Just explained to him that the doors stay locked tell 7am.

Here is what I found this morning. :) Bug wrote us a note.

He was quite this morning, busy working on his new note. He found the paper, the marker, and the tape to hang it up.
Oh and he did change the time from 7:00 to 6:00!

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jennbecc said...

LOLOL! That is so cute! Zack will be doing that in no time!!

Andrea said...

that is so cute.
And he sure writes good already. what a smartie.

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