Saturday, January 23, 2010


Tired. So tired. Bug keeps waking up at 4am! And when he is awake mommy has to be awake too. I keep sending him back to him room but I can hear everything he is doing in there, and by this time I can't really fall back to sleep because I know I will have to be awake any minute because he is going to wake up Ladybug, or it will be 6am and it will be time to start my day.

SAD and tired.

Here are some pictures of some activites Ladybug and I have done the last couple of weeks.

Moms Club~ Pajamma and Story TIME.

Jump & Party! Lady loves to climb and jump so much, just like her brother!

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Andrea said...

Why are these kids waking up so early? I hope you get some sleep soon. It's so hard to function.
looks like you have had fun. Wish we had a place with bouncy things. My kids love them.

Renee' P said...

Well, I'm going to comment on your blog since no one's commenting on my blog anymore :(

That sucks that Bug's getting up so early! Dom get's up early too, but not THAT early! I cannot pull myself out of bed. I fall right back to sleep!

Cute pics of LadyBug!!!

call me soon so we can get together...

Mrs. Mordecai said...

Fun stuff! We love storytime at the library. I hope your kids start sleeping for you.

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