Friday, February 12, 2010

V-Day Prep: Valentines, Parties, Hearts, and 3D Glasses

Valentine's Week is always busy with little kids around. This year Bug made his own Valentines for his PreSchool Class. But I didn't get out of making Valentines this year because Ladybug had a party too and I ended up making all her cards. It was really nice to see Bug making all his own Valentines. He seemed to really enjoy making them too. He picked out the construction paper and the white lace paper hearts. He cut the paper, glued on the hearts and wrote each of his fellow classmates names on each card on the out side. On the inside he wrote "Happy V-Day. *heart* Spencer" He made 22 cards! That is a lot of writing for such a young guy.

Here are some pictures of him working on his Valentines on Wednesday night.

On Thursday was Bug's Valentine's Day Party at his school. I packed up his handmade Valentines into his backpack, and sent him off to school. Ladybug and I then headed out to attend the MOMS Club Valentine's Day Party. Ladybug really just wanted to play on the toys, and with the drinking fountain. I did manage to stop her from playing with the water fountain before she got soaking wet.
She also enjoyed some of the sweet treats we had.

Making the Valentine Bags to collect all the valentines.

Some of the Bags that are finished.

Stopped to taste a treat!

When Bug got home from school he was so excited to show off his Valentines. He proudly pulled out one by one and said "This one is from....." It was fun to watch his excitement. There seemed to be a really special Valentine that he received. It was a small card that was pink on the outside and when he opened it there was a picture of two little frogs. He was in awe. He showed it to me and said "And this one is from ......" (a girl in his class). He looked at it for a long time. The day went along and when it was time to head to bed I found him in his bed with a small piece of paper clutched in his hands. I asked him what he had in his hand. He said quietly, "My Valentine." He opened his hand to reveal the pink frog valentine. Then he opened it up and looked at it again. I asked him if he liked the picture. He said yes. I asked him if he liked the person who had given him the valentine. He said yes. I didn't want to lead the questions or read to much into what I saw...but I really think he has a little crush on a girl in his class. He does mention her name a lot. So maybe he does.
And now for the evil mommy part. He went to sleep with that little Valentine in his bed, and I went and took pictures of it!!!!! I need to keep them and use them as black mail! Not really, I just thought it was so sweet to see him sleeping with the special valentine.

Today he has been carring it around from time to time. Not sure how long this Valentine will last. As Ladybug has found it a few times already this morning.
Speaking of Ladybug finding things. I put up some decorations for the holiday yesterday and Ladybug found the string of red lights in the window.

The hanging Hearts that I made 2 years ago are up once again. ( Click Here) I love them! They were so much fun to make and I got to use my Laminator to make them. Here are some pictures of them as I watched the sun come up this morning.

And lastly, Bug wanted me to take some pictures of him wearing his 3D glasses! He is such a "goof-ball".

Happy Valentines Day to you all!

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