Saturday, June 26, 2010


 woke up Saturday Morning and I was full of energy to get some *projects* done that I have been putting off for weeks
 I pulled out the *cute* *Boo* from Monster's Inc Jammies that I got from a garage sale that needed the elastic replaced in the bottoms, and several old baby blankets to turn into body pillows.

Ladybug and I made a trip to Walmart to get supplies.  After fighting with her to ride in the cart so that my back would not break.  We found the elastic and stuffing for the new pillows and headed home.

Project number one was to replace the old stretched out elastic in the *Boo* jammies.  Success!  Took me like 10 mins from start to finish!  I put the jammies on Ladybug to make sure the elastic was not to tight, and she didn't want me to take them off after.  She loves them! 
Here is a picture of her in them.

Now for project two *2*
I took some old baby blankets and made body pillows for the kids to lay on in the basement or living room.  They turned out really soft and fluffy.

Here is Ladybug sitting on the first blanket while I was trying to take a before picture.

I just cut one side open to add the stuffing.
Here it is all stuffed but not closed up yet.
And as soon as I put it on the floor Ladybug jumped on it!  She loves it!

And here is Bug joining her now.
and another shot of him being *COOL*
Here is the other pillow I made with two other blankets.  Ladybug showing us how soft it is.
and she quickly finds her *belly button*  I had to keept taking pictures of her playing with her *belly button*, it was just so cute

Such a cute *belly button* right?

Now for *project* three *3*

I put on my cute apron with kitties on it, and spend 30 mins cutting up 3 small tubs of strawberries.

 I had wanted to go strawberrie picking at the local farms this past week but because we have not gotten much sunshine so far for the summer the strawberries were not ready for picking.  I got my strawberries from the store.  I

I am planning on hosting a cooking club for my MOMS Clubs next Tuesday and I plan on teaching how to make Freezer Jelly.  Here is some pictures of the strawberries.

I will post pictures of the finished Jelly after the cooking club.

All I smell is strawberries in my house right now.  YEAH!

3 jittering comments:

Andrea said...

What a great idea for the pillows!
And I need a freezer jam recipe. Is it hard? Will you share?

Stephani said...

What a ton of fun! I LOVE the baby blankets turned into pillows idea, I'm going to have to copy that one for sure! Love the belly button and the "cool look too. ;)

Brunabug said...

Andrea~ Yes I will share the freezer jam recipe. It doesn't seem to be to hard. I will post the recipe and a link to a video that I found. It will be my first time making it on Tuesday. I hope it is not a flop.
Stephaine~ I found the baby blanket turned into pillows from and article in a parents magazine. I was shocked that I had not thought of it myself. :)

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