Saturday, June 26, 2010

*Quick and Easy*

This is a very easy recipe and very tasty.  FAST and EASY are my two favorite words! 
All you need is about 1 pound precooked Meatballs (fozen)
1 can each of
Beef Broth
Peas (drain)
Diced Tomatoes Itialian falvor

Mix all together in pan on stove and bring to boil.

Then let it simmer uncovered for 10 mins.

Pour into bowl and serve with a little french bread.

Bug kept begging to make a cake for Daddy for Father's Day. 
I gave in and helped him make a strawberry flavored cake.

Here are a few pics.

I have to admit this was before it was baked.  I didn't have any frosting to put on the cake, so Bug and Daddy made up some frosting and Bug decorated the cake very pretty. 
Lots of colors.  I didn't get a picture of it before it got all eatten up. 
Bug really enjoys the baking part of cakes but not so much the eating part.

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