Friday, July 23, 2010

*what do you love?*

I love watching my baby girl sleep.  It doesn't happen often because she is a very light sleeper, but when I get the opportunity to sneak into her bedroom and stand next to her bed I let my senses soak in all that they can. My eyes scan her features, my ears listen for her soft breathing, my nose smells the soft baby lotion smell of her skin.

I love taking pictures of nature, flowers, animals, trees.  I am wanting to do this more.  My current camera is a compact digital camera.  I have begun the journey of learning about Digital SLR cameras.  I love the idea of taking pictures with out a flash and still having them look beautiful.  We don't go around with those minor hats on our heads to see our world. Our eyes are amazing organs.  Mine can see the shape of my babygirl sleeping in the darken room.

Wish me luck on my journey.  Searching, and saving and exploring.  Trying to find some joy in the journey.

Got this picture from Here.

I found this website and it has been a huge help getting me started. 

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Nessa said...

im right there with you babe!

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