Thursday, July 22, 2010

*why is it...*

why is it .....
when you read other peoples facebook or twitter posts they seem to live more exciting lives then they really are?  I have Fav David Cooks FB page and get posts from time to time on things going on with the singer. I am not sure how much of it really is him and not some publicist posting random stuff. 

Today I got a link to a vblog link and I decided to click on it.  It was about recording his latest songs for his upcoming album.  They were in the studio.  One of the videos was a bunch of guys sitting on couches waiting for their turns to record their parts, and each one of them looked so excited (NOT- yes I watched "Bill and Ted") and each of them had a cell phone and they were texting.  Yes, they were texting- i invision about all the fun exciting things going on in the studio.  But they were all just sitting there like potatoes on the couch.  Watch here if you are so enclined. *giggles*

It got me thinking.  Whenever I get the depressed feeling that someone elses life seems more exciting than my own, I just need to remember they are probably sitting on a couch texting or posting on FB or Twitter just like I am.  We all have pretty exciting lives.  All of us!

Have a great day!


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