Monday, December 24, 2012

I lied...but Christmas is still coming. :) I lied...I thought I would have more time to post on my blog.  Life is CRAZY busy with two kids.  Ladybug is now 4 yrs old..and Bug is 7 yrs.  Ladybug did just start Preschool in November so that has been a Blessing!  A huge blessing.  She is thriving in her class and making lots of new friends.  Plus, she is out of my hair for a few hours so that I can do HomeSchooling with Bug.

It has been a tough few years with Bug.  Kindergarten was not good.  Calls from the Principal almost daily got on my nerves, and increased my stress.  I homeschooled him for First Grade and his social skills improved greatly.  He also started seeing an Occupational Therapist again for Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) and was doing really good tell Second Grade started this past Fall.  Per the advice of another counselor (his old one from Kindergarten) and my husband I agreed to put him in a school in our town that allows parents to work with teachers to educate.  The students can take special classes on campus by accredited teachers for shorter periods of time and do the rest of their schoolwork at home.  Bug was signed up for Drama, Art, and P.E.  Things went well for the first few weeks but by the end of October behavior issues popped up in both P.E. and the Art class.  After trying to work with the teachers and not getting anywhere, I decided to have Bug drop out of P.E. and Art and just do Drama.  I am happy to report he has improved!  I know that Bug will figure out how to deal in this world as he grows.  I know that he will do it in his own timing, and I don't need to rush him.  He has always been a bit behind with certain milestones, but when he does reach them he is Perfect.  Walking, Talking, Potty Trained, etc.  When they happened, when the light bulb went off in his little brain there was no turning back.  He never looked back.  In this area it will be the same.

In the mean time, we are homeschooling and like I said, it helps to have Ladybug out of the house a few hours 3 days a week for Bug to have some quiet time to work on his lessons.

Our family has grown by two in the past year too.  In May we got a Pug.  Her name is Cloe.  She is officially 10 months old.  She is WILD with the kids, but pretty calm with me.  She has grown so much and is not so tiny as she was when we brought her home.  I love her snoring when she sleeps, but not so much the silent farts.  ewwwww! 

In early November we also were adopted by a stray kitty in the neighborhood.  She had been around for several months and with the snow coming I just could not allow her to stay outside.  She has some very interesting and beautiful markings.  She seems to fit in nicely with us all.  Loves to snuggle, but also is as bad as Cloe when it comes to stealing food off your plate.  I got to watch her closely.  CRAZY.  We have named her Kiki.  She is very tiny too.  Weights NOTHING!  There has been several times she is laying on me and I totally forget she is there because I can't feel any weight.

Christmas is tomorrow.  And the kids are excited.  Ladybug wanted to head to be early today so that Santa Claus would come quicker. She has asked for a Hello Kitty Clock.  We will see if he brings it.  As for Bug....he is still down stairs playing MineCraft.  I need to head down and get him to bed, so that Santa can stuff stockings and head to bed "herself".  Unfortunately I am playing Santa Again.  Bryan has to work tonight.  But he does get to be home all day on Christmas and that makes up for it. 

Merry Christmas everyone.

I do feel that 2013 is going to be a good year.  Not sure why, but it just feels good.


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