Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Pug Crochet!

Ok...I know I might seem weird.  Bryan asked me why I am nesting.  I just told him that I was happy and when I am happy I crochet.  I think that is the reason?

Anyway....I have been dabbling in a few crochet projects for the past month.  I made a purse, I tried making a big scarf (hated it tore it out- will try again), and started a small cat doll that Cloe unfortunately got a hold of thinking it was a toy for her to chew up.  I have also started a Cat Pillow Pet type of project.  I love the yarn but it is slow going so I kind of have lost momentum.

The other day though I was surfing around some Pug blogs and came across one that had all these really cute pictures with pugs in winter sweaters.  The blogger crochets them her self for her puggies.  I thought "Hey I can do that too for Cloe!"  I did a search on Google and found a video on youtube about how to crochet a sweater for your little dog.  I got my yarn and hook and started with my project for Cloe.  It took several starts and pulling apart tell I finally got the size somewhat correct.  I finished it up today.

Here is a few pictures of her.  She seems to really like it.  Now that I know better what I am doing I plan on making her a few more. 

She spent more time outside today when I let her go out to use the bathroom because she was warmer.  I think it really has helped.  She has been wearing it inside too.  She seems to feel cozy and snuggly and sleepy.  It is cute!


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Nessa said...

My cat wants one in pink, thank you

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