Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Little man Grows UP!

Here is a picture of me and my little man. 
We were getting ready to watch Despicable ME 2!
He is just so cute I could DIE!
There is very few pictures of the two of us together with out him making a really goofy face.  I want to print this one up and put it in a frame next to my bed.  Bug is a joker and story teller.  He likes to make faces, and be silly pretty much 95% of the time.  He can be a huge handful.  And I am pretty sure he knows it. 
He can be so independent and challenging at the same time.  Like for instance, yesterday we all went to the park to enjoy the sun before it got to warm to really be outside.  Bug tends to get over heated pretty quickly in general.  He is 8 yrs old and reminds me every single day not to treat him like a baby.  I admit  I do tend to hover over him a lot, tell him what to do each step, and physically help him to often.  But I have reason to.  He chooses to behave younger than he is and wants people to dote on him for every thing.  People being his mother and father, oooohhhhh and little sister too.  *Wasn't she born to serve me mother?*  Anyway, back to yesterday, I told Bug to grab some water before we headed out, and he didn't.  But Bryan grabbed some and left it in the car.  While scootering around Bug comes up and says he is thirsty and yells, "Get me some water RIGHT NOW!!!" 
In the past I would have just yelled at him, and told him to change his attitude.  But yesterday I took the moment and tried to teach him something.  I reminded him that he has told me over and over that he does not want me to treat him like a baby.  Not to talk down to him.  Me providing the water for him after I asked him to grab water for himself was not helping him.  It was me treating him like a baby, in a way telling him silently that he is not capable of doing it on his own.  So I calmly said you are a big kid and know how and what you need to take care of yourself.  You know you will need water to drink at the play ground, and I did tell you to grab some water for yourself.
The next 10 mins we had to hear him whine and fuss about how life sucks, and that he will never be coming to the park ever again, and that it was his Dad's fault for not bringing the water out to the park.  I ignored him.  The one and only time I think it is ok to ignore a child.
I really love this kid but I do not want to be taking care of him at 20 yrs of age.
*Do you need some water sweetie???"*

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