Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Butterflies Me!

Owen and Lindsey drinking from the sugar water on the carnation before they flew away into the great BIG world.

About a month ago we had caterpillars and watched them eat and poop and grow and into cocoons and then lastly butterflies.  The whole process was rather disturbing.  Bug named them all and the picture above is of the last two before they flew away.

Ladybug was soooo fascinated and worried about them.  She wants more, but I am reluctant to do it again.  It was sooo weird how they change at each stage.  I would much rather just look at the beautiful butterfly part.  We released this beauties a few weeks ago.  And since then have been seeing tons of different butterflies flying around our back yard, playgrounds, parking lots, gardens.  I love the final stage.  They don't even resemble their former selves.  They are BEAUTIFUL!

Here is a link to Insect Lore the site that we used to purchase the kit and order the wiggly caterpillars.


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