Friday, May 30, 2014

The Rock Ranch~ Field Trip 5.30.2014

I am here to report about another awesome Field Trip that me and my son got to attend.  It was a Geology type field trip at Livingstones Rock Ranch, in Greenacres, Washington.

After driving for an hour to the ranch, and almost getting lost we arrived.  Livingstones Rock Ranch is owned by Steve Livingstone.  He has put so much love and dedication into his Museum.  AMAZING is all I can say!  After a quick discussion on safety, we got to go into his Museum.  There must have been over 500,000 different rocks that he has collected.  There was even a dark room set up with rocks that will glow under black lights.  It was spooky!

Soon after we all got to head down to the mining digs.  YOU DIG IT, YOU FIND IT, YOU KEEP IT.  What ever you dig up you get to keep.  It was hot, but fun to dig in the dirt and locate treasures.  Bug's eyes lit up when he found a medium sized green rock, and then some stones that looked like gold.  It was fools gold but still amazing.

 Digging in the dirt

 All his rocks set out to look at

 Laying out his rocks on the washing tray to be sprayed down.

His rocks waiting to be sprayed down.

Here is a Video of the owner looking through Bug's Treasures.  
There was one that was very special that he pointed out.

Wish I could dig in my own back yard and find some pretty treasures.  Like a huge Diamond!

Have a great day!

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