Thursday, May 29, 2014

iApple~iMovie~Field Trip

Waiting Lists. Field Trip waiting lists.

I really don't like being on waiting lists.  It is hard to plan for things being on them.  Being a Homeschool Family we are members of a local homeschooling field trip organization called Exploring Families.  It is run by a local mom who homeschools her daughters.  She wanted to share all the different types of tours she learned about in the community.  There is such an amazing selection of tours and field trips to choose from.  We have been receiving her emails about monthly activities for a few years but just in the past 2 months we have been able to attend more.  That is because of my mindset of enriching my sons learning.  Thinking outside of the box.  

A few months ago I saw the field trip to the iApple store pop up on the Exploring Families website.  I excitedly clicked on the link to register.  It was FREE - even better!.  NOPE not better, worse because it meant that it filled up with in minutes of being posted. So I reluctantly signed up on the waiting list.  I was not sure he would get to go.  To be honest I didn't think so. It was difficult waiting it out, and wondering if it would happen.  

All that waiting did paid off.  Monday, May 26th I received an email from the lady who organizes all the activities, informing me that there was an opening and my son could attend.  I actually shouted and jumped up and down when I read the email!  I think I scared my dog a little, and I know my husband thought I was crazy.  Well he knows I am crazy...but he loves me anyway.

So Thursday, May 29th we arrived at the iApple store for the Field Trip to learn how to use iMovie.  My son had brought his own film footage to use for the assignment.  He was excited and eager to get started.  When they opened the doors several people walked in with us.  I was surprised how many people were there to shop, and not just for the field trip.  It was loud in the store and at times a bit overwhelming.  My son did so well with all the noise. The instructors showed all the students (13 total) how to get started and then each student got their own lap top to work on.  Unfortunately, my son's footage would not transfer over.  Despite this he was a trooper and happily used the stock footage saved on the lap top.  He had a blast learning how to use iMovie.  And after the hour and a half class was done he had created a mini movie all his own. 

Since that day, he has been pretty much been nonstop using my computer and the software I have on it to make his own movies at home.  It Windows Movie Maker, and it is pretty similar to iMovie.  My son has been quick  how to edit things.  Mostly the movies he has put together with raw footage are silly and meaningless but he is having fun.  I hope that over time the projects he creates are more meaningful, but for now he is having fun and exploring this new tool.
Bug with his Official Field Trip T-shirt from iApple and the wrist band that had his iMovie saved on it!

I am glad I did sign up on the waiting list and I am so happy he did get to go!  This Field Trip ROCKED!

I am off to watch another one of my sons movies.  :)  Have a great day!

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