Monday, August 04, 2014

Power goes OUT!

So we have had several pretty strong storms come through this past summer.  Strong enough to take out the power a few times already.  Our luck ran out on this last one.  We had a huge pine tree fall on some power lines at the middle school near our home and took our block and several blocks of power.

I got the warning on my smart phone telling me that yet another strong storm was coming through.  I quickly told the kids to please turn off all the electronics; tvs, computers, xbox.  For some reason I felt this one was going to be bad, and I got the impression we might lose our power.  The kids quickly obeyed and we were all huddled in the living room watching the wind pick up.  Getting darker and darker, and then the wind getting stronger and stronger, then POW!  The loudest sound I have heard in a long time.  And then Silent.  And I don't mean it was just silent from the sound of the POW, I mean silent from the sound of electricity.  I could tell the power went out.  The kids were all kind of freaked out.  I tried to calm them and headed out side to see if I could see where the loud sound came from and several of my neighbors came out too.  We all had no idea where the sound came from.  Then several cars started driving down our street.  And more and more...tell it felt like we were on a busy busy street.  That is when I figured the main street just north of our street must be blocked and the police were redirecting traffic down our street.  We heard lots of fire trucks, and police car sirens. 

I called my husband to ask him where all the flashlights were stored, and to make sure he was ok working.  He is currently a bus driver and being out on the roads in a storm makes me nervous for him.  He kept reassuring me that the power would be back on in a few hours and that I did not need flashlights.  The sun does not set tell after 8pm.  I did not listen, something kept telling me to be prepared for your kids when bed time rolled around.  To late to look for flashlights when it is dark.
So I quickly found our emergency box and found flashlights.  Moved kids mattress to the living room to have a sleep over.  Bug was to scared to sleep down stairs in the pitch darkness. 

I pulled out spiral notebooks for the kids and they decorated them with stickers and then spent some time either writing or drawing pictures about what had happened.  I wanted them to use these notebooks as journals in the future as well. So we got our selves all snuggled down and tried to head to bed that first night.  It was still pretty cool in the house from the air conditioning running during the day.  It was a bit difficult not sleeping with a fan (for white noise) and the sound of the many cars driving down our street.

The next day the power was still not on.  We found many ways to entertain ourselves, and get chores done.   

We took a walk round the block to see where the tree had come down.  It was right on the corner of the school.   I did end up taking the kids to the mall later in the afternoon and then out to dinner because it was just to hot in the house.  The second night we moved all the mattresses down stairs into the basement where it was cooler.  Even moved our doggie Cloe down there too.  It was quieter down there too.  Getting the kids to bed that night was a bit easeir.  We read books by candle light after getting our chores done and putting on jammies.  At 10pm the power was returned.  Much to the joy of my husband.  LOL

I really did enjoy the slowness...with the power being out.  Kind of wish we didn't rely on it so much.

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