Friday, January 02, 2015

Picture of the Day!

This past Christmas found us snowless but New Years has made up for it.  I had some quick errands I needed to do today and had to forge out into the snow.  It was not that bad but I still do get a bit nervous when coming to stop signs.  The skidding out into coming traffic is not fun.  Also trying to drive up a hill.  NOT FUN.  But today seemed pretty quiet with traffic and every one seemed to be couscous. 
The Library was on my list to visit.  It was not open yet so I was able to pull right up close and hop out to return books quick!  The snow was falling pretty thick at the time.  I have been using the Library a lot more lately for Science homeschooling subjects.  It has been fun to search the Library Website and see what is offered.  I love getting the email when things arrive and I can just run in and pick up the books I have reserved.  A great service.
Lessons will start up again next week.  I have been on the look out for books to supplement our topics of the HUMAN BODY.  I will be back to the Library soon for more books to pick up.
~ Brenda 

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