Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I love my.....

I love my Pampered Chief Can Opener! LOVE it so much so that I wanted to share a post about it!
4 things I love about it!
1. How it looks. Clean and white!
2. How it doesn’t hurt my hands (wrist) when I turn the handle. My old metal can opener always made my hand go into a cramp when I used it.
3. The opener has a little gripper that pulls off the lid that you just cut off the can. I don’t have to touch the can edges at all.
4. No rough edges to cut yourself on.

I made a Taco Bake yesterday (two 8x8 dishes or one 9 x 13 dish) one for my friend who just had her third baby and one for my own family. I wish I remembered where I found this recipe but I don’t remember. Sorry that I am not giving credit to who ever came up with it. But know I didn’t not come up with this on my own.

Will try and post a picture of my can opener in action but my digital camera is acting up.

Here is the recipe if you would like to give it a try

1 pound cooked ground meat
Doritos chips

Line a 9 x 13 (or two 8x8) casserole dish with crushed Doritos chips

Mix together in a bowl.
1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup
1 can Cream of Chicken Soup
1 can Rotel (I just mixed in salsa since I didn’t have this item in my pantry)

Mix in the cooked ground meat into the mixture and pour over the Doritos chips.
Bake uncovered for 35 minutes at 450 degrees. Add about 4 oz-grated cheese to the top and cook another 5 –10 minutes.
Do keep an eye on dish…because it tends to cook faster if you put it in the two 8x8 dishes, and if you know your oven runs a bit hotter. You might want to cut the cook time down by 5-10 minutes.


9 jittering comments:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayer.

jennbecc said...

You freakin crack me UP! I have 2 of these...love them too. Tried to get Mom to use it but she didn't like it. She's old school. *L*

Bergmann Girls and Dad said...

Hey that sounds good and easy! I think I may have to give it a try!

Bergmann Girls and Dad said...

Ok, so I made it for dinner tonight. It didn't go over with the girls. Actually Kelsey at least tried a few bites of it, but it was too hot for her. Craig hasn't gotten home yet to have any, BUT I LOVED IT!!!! So it's going to be a regular in our house if Craig likes it. The girls can have PB&J on the nites I make it. Thanks for sharing!

Andrea said...

Sounds like a good can opener. And a good recipe. I'll have to try it. Except what is Rotel?

Jennie said...

i totally love my pc can opener too! actually everything pc is wonderful! i think i have almost all of it!

this recipe looks so yummy! i can't wait to try it! thanks!

Renee' said...

Oh, you look so beautiful pregnant! I still can't believe it!! I love ALL Pampered Chef products. I will have to get the canopener one of these days.

Grammy said...

I loved mine too...but couldn't use it because of my injured wrist and the angle.

MaryRuth said...

I wish I had one of these... once I almost ordered one but then I backed out. Now I'm wishing I hadn't :(

thanks for the recipe.

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