Thursday, May 01, 2008

Learning for Little Ones- Homeschooling Toddlers

Stay at Home Mommy has started up a weekly post about teaching little ones.
I have been looking for fun things to do with my little Bug for over 2 years now. I can’t believe he is 3 years old but the searching and finding of activities and doing them have been a blessing to our little Bug. And I am proud to say that because of the activities that I have done with my son he is officially READING!!!

We were at the Ear Doctor yesterday for his yearly check up on his tubes and Bug was sitting on Bryan’s lap and reading the book “Green Eggs and Ham”, clear as clear could be. He has NEVER read this book before as we don’t own it at home. It was in the exam room so Bryan thought he would give it to Bug to distract him while we waited of Dr. Old’s to come in to look in Bug’s ears. The nurse came in and stopped right in her tracks and realized he was reading and then asked me…”How old is he?” I proudly said, “Three years old and two months”. “Wow! That is amazing! He is not just reciting that, you can tell, he is reading that word for word.”

I was proud…to say the least.

Back to some things I wanted to share with you all about teaching Toddlers that I have found online.
Here is a posts that I did with my little Bug last year about this same time.
Brightly Beaming Resources- preparatory lessons.
Bug really liked this a lot and really picked up on the concept of the poster that I created. The only draw back with this program was my color printer ran out of ink and that caused me to stop doing it…plus my little guy had already watched “The Letter Factory” video a hundred times that he knew all his letters that he didn’t seem to be as focused with the poster as much. The time we spent working on the sections got shorter and shorter because he already knew the letter and it was boring to him.
I just found this one on Brightly Beaming Resources- Nursery Age 1 Curriculum
I might give this a try with the second baby that is coming.

Here scroll down and read my recommendations on some videos that help teach letters and numbers. Bug loved them and this made him quickly excel and recognize the letters and numbers.

I also used this web site for some other young Toddler Themes.
Here is one of the posts I did on one of the themes.

I also am seriously thinking about purchasing the “Before Five in a Row” Teachers book and starting his program with my little guy this summer/fall. Here is a blog that I found recently where the lady posts the Lessons they do from this book. It looks so simple and fun. They are Unit Studies…You can use the book to cover math, language, writing, art, etc… It is all grouped around the same subject from the book. I have yet to look at the lesson book but like I said I am seriously thinking about getting this and giving it a try. I think it will be fun. It will give me the freedom to do what I want / teach what I want but give me enough structure so that I don't feel overwhelmed trying to come up with lessons on my own.

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Andrea said...

I'll have to look at all your links when I have a bit more time.
My girls love "lesson time". I need to do it more. But it's hard to come up with things, so anything that is structured is great.
So awesome he's reading. Wow! Way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

Life is so funny. We are just special girls.
Have you ever bought Family Fun Magazine? It is not high at all and full of things to do with children.Give it a try you will love and Bug will too.

Grammy said...

You've done a good job with Spencer Brenda...hugs to you both! (this Grammy has heard him read...)

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