Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ahhhhh. Finally!

I am very happy today. Why you might be asking. Because it is SUNNY and WARM today, and I am in my back yard enjoying the SPRING!!! Finally it has arrived! And if you could see me, I would be doing a happy dance. The dance of Spring! When the weather gets warmer and I can see the flowers popping up everywhere, and the buds on the trees it really makes me feel alive. I can shake off the cob-webs of winter.

I usually love planning my flower beds and gardening, but I am going to pass this year. My tummy is pretty big and it makes it very difficult bending over all the time tending to the weeds and such. I did manage to prune the front flower bed and put up a little white picket fence around it a few weeks back. I did pay for it the following day though, which is very sad to say. My back was killing me the following day and my LEGS, oh how they ached. I had no idea that being on my knees for 30-45 minutes would cause me to have the worse leg craps in my life.

Here is a picture of the front yard all pretty with the pink and redish tulips that finally opened up on Wednesday of this pass week. I love it when I drive up to my house and see them.

Also got to playing around with the camera settings and realized that the "Flower" Setting is really cool. Look at these close ups of a daffodil out in my back yard, and the Lilac Bush is getting ready to bloom. We have about 10-15 blooms. Last year there was only 2 blooms!

Hope you all have a great day!

6 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

Nice... Enjoy your blooms and the new life of nature.

Andrea said...

Wow- great flowers. My tulips are still in the coming up stage. boohoo. So nice to see your pretty flowers.

Jennie said...

beautiful flowers!

Grammy said...

Hey! I posted a comment on this! Where is it???
Love the flowers...and your flower setting on the camera. You could take some neat pink flower pics enlarge them frame them and put them in the baby's room! Enjoy your spring you

Grammy said...

aaaah. I see it now. On the top, in green. You must approve my comments first before they appear. So glad I read all the fine print on things! LOL

Renee' said...

Your tulips are beautiful! I have a few too! Finally and it's about time!

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