Monday, May 05, 2008

Free is good.

I finally got my check in the mail for the items that I sold at the Just Between Friends Sale back in April. I am very happy with how much I made. I guess others would have thought it was not much but when you take in account that it covered all the clothes that I purchased at the Pre-Sale the day before it opened up for the public, I think I did GREAT! I had actually not ment to spend to much and thought I did really good at keeping my price down but when I got to the de-tagging table and they took off all the tags and then I went to the register and they rang up the tags I almost fell over back wards. LOL. I must have looked funny, because the cashier asked me if I was ok. I quickly gathered my composure and reasured her I was ok, just that I was tired and needed to get home to bed. I think it was 9:30pm by the time I made it up to the registers. I kept thinking as I was driving home, "How am I going to explain to Bryan that I spent more than I had planned. But that I had SOOOOO MUCH FUN doing it!!!" I really needed to buy clothes for this baby. I needed it more than I had realized. Not that she really needed clothes because I had already been collecting clothes for the past 3 years, but because I emotionally needed to feel attched to this baby.

After getting my check in the mail for what I sold and finding out that it covered what I spent on clothes for both kids, I was very proud of myself. I infact went to the bank myself to deposite the check. I didn't feel guilty anymore for spending more than I had planned.

So I basicly got all my kids clothes for free. *smiles* Baby and Bug both have so much clothes that it is CRAZY! I love going through the clothes tubs and organizing them. I have a tub of winter clothes for Bug that is over flowing. But I fear that he will need more pants when the time comes. I think he will (well hoping I guess) grow taller over the summer. And as for Baby, well I have two tubs of clothes ready for several months after she is born. I have no idea how fast she is going to grow. I guess you never know even if you adopt your child. Bug grew so FAST! He was wearing 18 months clothes when he was 12 months old. Yes they were long but he was so solid that he needed the room around his chubby arms, legs and belly. We rolled up alot of the clothes.

It feels so good to organize them. I now that when Baby arrives I will not have as much free time as I do now so I need to enjoy it while I can. *smiles*

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Jennie said...

good for you! i am so glad you had a good time! and a bargain is the only way to go!

Grammy said...

good job on the did good! I remember your tubs with Spencer...and how you enjoyed going threw them. I think this is like me and button are my daughter! Love and hugs!

Andrea said...

That's awesome. Free is always good.
I recently paired down my bins of clothes. It's so hard to know what size kids will be wearing next year. Or even next season.
Good for you for getting it all ready now.

Anonymous said...


Christensen family said...

AWESOME!!!! Way to go Brenda!!! You can never feel guilty for spending when it is a good deal!!! Okay so I brought your tiles to church hoping I would run into you. I will bring them Wednesday to Cindees!!!

Cindy said...

I'm glad you had so much fun buying new clothes for you kids. I am just like you I have so much more fun getting clothes for the kids then myself these days. I'm glad they turned out to be free. FREE is awesome!!! I'm sure you put in a lot of work though getting your stuff ready for the sale. Sounds like life is going great for you. You look very cute pregnant by the way. You are glowing!!!

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