Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Baby's First Gift.

My MIL made this and sent it to me several weeks ago and I just had not had a moment to post it on my blog. There is a small picture in the slide show but I wanted you all to see it up close.

I actually started to cry when I called her and left her a message on her phone to say "Thank you." I didn't plan on crying it just touched me so much how beautiful it was and soft and white.

I can't wait tell my baby girl can wear this at her "Blessing Day."

My Mother is actually going to work on making a slip to wear under the dress to help protect the baby from any drafts that the stitching might cause. I am so happy that both of my Baby Girl's Grandmothers will be making her something to wear on this very special day in her infant life.
Trust me when I say it is SOOOOOO Soft!!!!

4 jittering comments:

Renee' said...

Oh, that's so beautiful! Your baby girl will look adorable in it. Thanks for talking to me today too. It means a lot! You look so beautiful pregnant incase no one told you today.

Andrea said...

That is so cute.
Can't wait to see the little one in it!

MaryRuth said...

How beautiful!! I love it! what a treasured gift.

Mikaela said...

That is gorgeous! What talent! Oh man I want a girl now! lol!

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