Thursday, June 26, 2008

Chatching you up! And a cute picture!!!!!!

Here is a picture of the Pionees that I have in my vase.

I have been very busy this week, getting ready for my sister and mom arriving on Friday!

Just a quick update about the movie "Kung Fu Panda" that Bryan and I saw on Tuesday night. It was sooo much fun. I really enjoyed it. It wasn't anything special but just fun and entertaining to me. And the fact that it was only 90 minutes long really helped me. I did have to get up one time to use the rest room and stretch my legs but that was all.

The Milk Shake that I got from Ben & Jerry's was soooooo good! I ate it before the movie even started. But it totally hit the spot. I have been craving ICE CREAM strongly for the past two weeks. I think it is the calcium that my body is craving. I have been wanting to eat cheese a lot, as well as drinking my soy milk.

When we got home from the movie Bug's Baby sitter and my very good friend Shelby (she works at my old job GSSAC) told us the funniest thing Bug said to her that evening before going to bed.

She got him dressed in his T-Shirt and shorts for bed, and asked him who was on his T-Shirt. He looked at her and she said, "Cars" the he movie Cars and Bug's reply was "Coming to DVD". She had to laugh. Would you say he watches TV a bit much???

Yesterday Bryan and I took Bug to his very first movie in a movie theater. During the summer our local movie theater has free movies for kids. I was planning on meeting up with my girl friends who meet on Tuesdays for playgroup but Bryan and I got to the theater late and the movies had already started. I could not find them. We took Bug into the theater that was playing "Doogal" The movie was very Stupid/Dumb/Not made for adults at all/boring/etc... but the KIDS loved it, including Bug! He did so good sitting in his chair. He ate his pop corn and gummy worms and had a Blast! He really enjoyed the movie. It was fun to see him being so good and well behaved. Amazing is all I can say. Next week is a Veggie Tale movie *not sure which one* but we plan on going again. And we figure if Bug starts acting up then we can leave since it was FREE anyway.

Here is a picture of Bug in his new costume!!! I just had to buy it. I was trying to sneek it out of the store with out Bug seeing it so that I could surprise him with it at home, but he saw it at the bottom of the cart when we were unloaded everything at the check out. He looked down through the cart and saw it and said "What?" It was so funny.

I'm Spider-MAN!!!!


It is really ME! SEE!!!

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Andrea said...

great costume. How fun is that?
And so cool that you can take kids free to a movie. Our girls went on a date with daddy to the theater and loved it! We need free ones here.
Have fun with your visitors!

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