Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day! 2008

Happy Father's Day Bryan from me.
Happy Father's Day Daddy! From Bug

Bug woke up at 7am today and I went down stairs to get him and practice the song one time that he was going to sing to Bryan when he gave him his Father's Day gift. Bug came into our bedroom with me close behind him and he went to Bryan's side of the bed and said, "Happy Father's Day Daddy!" And then he handed Bryan the card that he made, and the gift *ran out of time to wrap it so it was wadded up*. We then sang the song "Happy Father's Day" *tune Happy Birthday* and Bug did such a good job! I didn't need to help him to much. (side note: He has been singing the song several times through out today. LOL)

Then Bryan read the card. It was a poem on it and Bug's Feet print and hand prints that we worked on a few days ago and then I cut them out and glued them to the poem card. The gift was an apron for Bryan to use when he is BBQing with his grill that he bought last year. It has a picture of Bryan and Bug sleding on New Years Day 2007.

I went through all the pictures that I have of Bug and Bryan together the past years and I created a slide show for you all to enjoy! It was fun looking at pictures of the two of them having such a good time, even when Bug was going swiming for the first time. (4 months old).

Happy Father's Day Bryan!

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Anonymous said...

That is so cute. I can see little Bug running in and doing that.

Mikaela said...

Those are such great pictures! What a cool father's day gift. You are so creative. You need to have a seperate blog to give us all your fabulous ideas. Btw, you're looking closer and closer to having your baby! YIPEE!

Grammy said...

Happy Fathers Day Bryan...Thanks for keeping the smiles going on my SpencerDoodle!

jennbecc said...

Cute pictures! Happy Father's Day Bryan!

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