Saturday, June 07, 2008

quick update

I have been doing well. Just been busy.
Thursday was the first Park Day scheduled that I am hosting each week. It was at 10am on Thursday. Even though it was a cold, cloudy, a slightly drizzly day, Bug and I headed out to Grant Park. I had yet to go to this park but Bryan had taken Bug there several times in the past few weeks and the Rainbow is all that Bug would talk about for hours after each excursion to the park. So I was looking forward to attending the park. Not sure who would make it due to the weather and/or the day and time but I was not going to let that bother me. I was out with my son.
The park was one of the older ones in town, but cute and quaint all the same. Even though the play equipment was kind of run down, everything was little kid size. Right down to the monkey bars!!! Bug loves to try to do the monkey bars but they are always so high up and he can't reach them. It is good that he gets exercise with his upper body and I was glad that he was enjoying the short monkey bars.
My friend Natalie and her son showed up at the park and we had a good talk, in between me trying to keep Bug at the park and not wondering to far away. He kept wanting to head over to the elementary school playground. It was to far away from me. Made me nervous. I figured that Bryan and Bug must have gone over to the school playground before and that is why he kept wanting to head over there.
All in all we had a good time. Hope that the weather is better for next week. We are off to another park.
Friday brought me to the last Donation Station Event for the 2007-2008 year. They will be closed for the Summer and re-open in September. I love the Donation Station. I think I might have mentioned them in the past in some post, but I will briefly mention a little about them. It is a Non-profit organization. They offer free clothes to Adoptive Families and Licensed Foster Families. It has been a huge help to us since Bug is really hard on his clothes (aren't all kids really?).
Bryan is good about watching Bug for me on those days I am able to attend the Donation Station Events and I love having the time to myself. I also enjoy looking through all the clothes and other free items and deciding if I need them. It is fun. I found some cute sleepers for the baby and also a few new REALLY Cute dresses. I showed this really cute yellow dress to Bryan and he jokenly said "You will soon have your baby doll to dress up". Unfortunately, the selection of 4T and higher boy clothes was very, very limited. I only got Bug two pairs of pants. They were both very beat up but I thought they would be great for when he wants to play in the mud, or maybe even painting! He can get them all dirty and I will not care. That is one thing that I don't have to worry about....NICE!
Today~ I got to go to my weekly Massage *sigh* * relaxing* *no more tight muscles* and then Bug and I were able to attend a Picnic/Get together with FSA (Families Supporting Adoption). I was able to see my friend Tami and her family. It was nice to see them all. Bug did really well. Didn't eat much of the food but enjoyed playing with all the other kids (most of whom are adopted). The kids ran around the gym and played with the toys that were provided. Bug fell in love with a YELLOW balloon!

Well that is all for now. I am looking forward to a bit of relaxation tomorrow. :)

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Andrea said...

My girls love the monkey bars too, but I've never seen a park with them low. That's so awesome!
And sounds like some good finds for clothes.
A weekly massage?! nice!! I'm jealous.

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