Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Quiet Weekend...Much needed

Nothing new to report. Very quite weekend for me.

Did get to go over to my friend Jamie's house for Bug and her son to have a play date. It was nice to see Jamie and chat and watch the boys play. Bug was very excited about playing with his friend. He also did great when it came time for us to leave. No melt downs at all. WOW!

Tonight Bryan and I are going out on a date. Much needed too.

Bug's favorite baby sitter is coming over to watch him for us. I told him yesterday that she was coming and he started running around screaming, "YEA!!!!" He then ran to the front door looking for her. LOL I love the fact that he enjoys her coming over, because it helps me to relax when Bryan and I go out. I can enjoy myself because I know he is having a good time.

We are going to see "Kung Fu Panda" and some ICE CREAM from Ben and Jerry's! I probably will get a milk shake. I hope that I can sit through the movie and not have my legs cramp up like last month. The movie is only an hour and 1/2 so that should help.

Also my roses are blooming and so are the pionees too. The picture above is not one that I took but one that I found on the Internet, but mine look just like them. I cut some and put in a vase and they are sitting on my entertainment center for me to enjoy. When the roses bloom a bit more I plan on cutting them and bringing them side to enjoy. I will try and take some pictures and post my actual flowers. In the mean time enjoy the picture above. Pionees remind me of roses and carnations all in one. FUN!

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Christensen family said...

We missed you at the park today! That is soooo wonderful you and Bryan were able to go out on a date. Sounds like a lot of fun! See you soon!!!

anymommy said...

What did you think of Kung Fu Panda? I took my two and they were a little freaked out by the bad tiger. I read about it first, but I always forget how scary things can be when they are that big. I don't think I'll take them back to the movies for a long while.

Glad you had a good weekend.

Grammy said...

Are you resting up for our visit? How was the date?? and of course...the ice cream?? Yum Yum Yum...

The Girls and Dad B. said...

I am so jealous! I totally love peonies! Hope you are feeling ok. Talk to ya soon!

Amanda said...

The roses are beautiful! You are looking great at 30 weeks - are you ready for it to be over??? I see it's 70 degrees in Spokane today, which sounds just lovely. I wish I were there!

Brenda said...

The movie was GREAT! I really enjoyed it! Can't wait tell it comes out on DVD so that Bug can see it too. It would have been a bit scary for him on the big screen I think.
I ended up getting Yummy Milk Shake! I forget what it was called. LOL But it was yummy and I drank it all up even before the movie started! LOL I will just blame it on all the pre-views they showed before the movie.

I had ment to make it to the playgroup but I just couldn't get my self out by 10am and since I knew it was going to be a late night I figured I did need to take it easy!

Brenda said...
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jennbecc said...

TAG! You're it! Check out my blog for instructions.

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