Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wednesday update

Another Dr. Appiontment yesterday. Nothing special. He did put me on some antibiotics because things keep popping up in my urin now I have tummy cramps from the meds. *sad*. At least that is what I think is going on. The tummy problems didn't start up until after I took my first dose. Keeping an eye on that though and if it gets worse I will call the doctors office.

It was a very quick visit once the Dr. came into my room. Bryan and Bug waited for me out in the waiting room. Then we had an appointment at the hospital to fill all the paper work out for the pre-admitting for the labor, and a tour of the hospital maturnity ward. It went a lot longer than I had hoped. Bug was getting really BORED!!! He was trying to be good but it just to hard for a 3 year old who has been cooped up in a hospital waiting room for almost 3 hours. We had hoped that there would be some babies in the nursery but they were all with their he was disappointed.

We were also invited over to my friend Emily's new home for dinner last night. They have a beautiful home and so much land! Her two sons and Bug had SO Much fun! They ran and played out side for a few hours. It was a great evening. We had hoped to go swiming in their pool but it was a bit cool so it didn't happen. Bug didn't seem to mind to much since there was so much other fun stuff to do. Climbing trees, and chasing the other boys, and playing in the dirt. He got so much dirt on himself. In his mouth, eyes, and nose. But he was having fun. I wish that I had taken pictures....I even brought my new camera, but since I am so use to not having a camera that works I totally forgot to pull it out to snap some pictures. We have a tentative play date scheduled in a few weeks. I will try to take some pictures then.

We put him in his jammies for the ride home because I knew he would fall asleep and I was right. He slept in tell 6:15am, but when he did wake up his right eye was clamped shut and he was crying really bad. When I finally got a look at it, it looked like a huge clump of eye lashes were missing, but then I realized they were bent into his eye. I had to get Bryan to help me with some eye drops to help Bug and after a few drops we were able to help the lashes, and noticed he also had dirt in his eye. The dirt was probably bugging his eye and he was rubbing his eye and that is how the lashes got in there too.

5 minutes after we helped the lashes out he was fine....and began running around. He is now fine!

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Andrea said...

freaky about the eyelashes. Glad he's ok.
So nice to be able to go to friends house. And we always bring pj's to change into for the ride home. Sometimes they fall asleep and sometimes not, but it's easier then doing it later.

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