Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Over did it?

I think I might have over did it yesterday...

So much stuff happened yesterday. Let me see if I can paraphrase a bit.

Bryan and Bug caught the bus down town for the day at about 10am...leaving me alone to get ready for my lunch date with Alyson. I thought it would be a nice quite morning but I was soon to realize that was NOT going to happen.

After taking my shower I found a sick kitty in my bedroom peeing on a pillow on the floor. I called my vet to get her in to make sure she didn't have a bladder infection. They told me they couldn't get her in tell tomorrow at I put her into the bathroom with me while I finished getting ready. Ten minutes later I was calling the vet to beg to get her in sooner because she had been in and out of the litter box 20 times since I had last called. She didn't look like she felt good at all. They agreed to allow me to drop her off and would see her when they had a free moment. I called Alyson to tell her I needed to push lunch plans back and then I called Bryan and told him what was happening. It took me some time to locate the cat carrier and then trying to get a very unhappy cat into it was a challenge but accomplished. Then I was serenaded by the howling coming from the cage all the way to the vet. I filled out some paper work and then headed home to meet up with Alyson.

By the time I got home the Vet had gotten a change to see my kitty and was calling me. She told me that she wanted to do blood work on her since she still had not put on any weight (in fact had lost another pound since she saw her a few months back) and then prescribed her some antibiotics just in case she did have a bladder infection- she was not sure really if that was what was going on really. The blood work results would not be back tell tomorrow....and we would find out if she had something else going on. Hypothyroid, Diabetic, or something to do with her kidneys.

Alyson showed up while I was on the phone and when I was done talking to the vet we headed out for lunch. We went to Red Robin for a yummy Guacamole Burger! YUMMMM. And then to Toys R Us to buy a Birthday present for Bug's friend who is having a Birthday Party this Saturday. Bug is excited about attending. I hope I survive. :)

While we were shopping, I got so tired. Backache and my feet swelled up soooooooo bad!

We then went and picked up my kitty from the vet and came home. Bryan and Bug were home when I got home. I guess they had a very busy morning as well.

They rode the bus to the mall. Ran around, played in the play area, then bought Daddy some new shoes, and got lunch.

Then they went to the park across the street to play tell the bus arrived. Took the bus back down town. Went to Mobius to play and then upstairs for ice cream and catch the bus home.

I crashed on the couch and asked Bryan to rub my feet that were now swollen like balloons....I no longer had a foot/ankle/cafe...but more like a "Fo-Can-kle"! My right foot swells up a lot more than my left.

stay tuned for more!!......................

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