Friday, October 17, 2008

Love story Part 3

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Two days later, I was alone in the Rohnert Park Store again. It had been a crazy day, with several customers coming in at the same time, and a few complaints from customers about their glasses. I was alone most of the day, and it was my turn to close the store by my self. It was 6:30pm when Bryan walked through the door. I remember being so happy when I saw him walk through the door. I smiled at him and said “Hi”. I was with another customer and he had to wait. After the other customer left I asked him if I could help him. I assumed that there was something wrong with his glasses, and asked him if there was a problem. He said, “Oh, No. My glasses are great. My boss liked them so much that he wanted to find out all the prices for the glasses here because he was interested in some glasses for himself.” “Oh, ok.” I gave him a price sheet, and proceeded to go over the prices and different product we had so that he could take the information back to his boss. When I finished explaining it all he just stood there. He then asked me how my friend Anne was. I was shocked when he asked me this, because I had talked about her the day he picked up his glasses. I had told him that I was going to be heading over to my friends home after work to watch a movie, and hang out. I was surprised that he had remembered her name and it proved he had been listening to what I was saying. I tend to ramble on and on most of the time, and most people tune me out. He didn’t, and this impressed me greatly. *things have changed some what over time with his ability to prove to me that he is listening to me but that is to be expected I think when you have been with a person 12+ years*

I told him that I had a good time with my friend the other night. Then it hit me. He liked me, and wanted to stay and chat more with me. So we enjoyed talking more. I worked on closing the store; working on the cash box and putting supplies away and vacuuming the store, and such, as we talked. I remember trying to give him the hint that it was ok to ask me out if he wanted to. I kept mentally saying, “Ask me out! I will say YES.” He finally did ask if I wanted to go get some Hot Coco after I finished work. Unfortunately, I had to decline because I had plans that night. I didn’t think he would ask me out for that evening. I decided that I would invite him to my church’s Christmas Caroling Event going on that weekend. He happily excepted the invitation and we planned on meeting at my work at 7pm that coming Saturday. He left and I finished cleaning things up and locked the store. I was floating on air.

To be Continued...

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