Saturday, October 25, 2008

My 6 Favorite Things...

My friend Renee tagged me....

6 TV shows:
Samantha Who?
Law and Order

6 Favorite Restaurants:
TGI Fridays
Cyrus O'Learys
The Onion
The Melting Pot
Red Robin

6 Things that happened today:
Got woken up at 5am to a child taking all his clothes out of his dresser.
Baked 24 cupcakes for Trunk or Treat event tonight
Made Green, Orange, and Purple frosting for cup cakes
Started the Taco Soup Crock Pot recipe for tonight
Ate left over Chicken Bake for an early lunch
Found something very scary. Read this post to learn about it.

6 Things I am looking forward to:
Halloween-Trick or Treating with the kids.
Thanksgiving dinner with my friend Alyson's family.
Lady Bug sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time during the night between feedings.
Christmas Decorations going up.
Christmas Morning with Bug!
Wednesday night- the 29th! Bryan and I are going out for a date! Much NEEDED! To celebrate our 12th Anniversary.

6 Things on my wish list:
More blogging time
New hair style
Loose some weight
A schedule for the kids, so I don't feel like I am scattered brained.
Bug would potty train himself. *we have returned to pull ups...he doesn't want to use the potty*
Maid to clean my house and a cook to make me dinner.

6 people to tag:
MaryRuth *only if you have time~ as I know you are really busy now a days*

2 jittering comments:

Alyson said...

You didn't post the scary thing you found

Brunabug said...

oooppps....that is what happens when you get interupted by your 2 month old daughter. I ran out of time to make a new post.

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