Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 month check up.

Lady Bug had her 2 month check up today. It was vaccination day. Uggg. I don't like vaccination day. Bug came with me too to get the flu shot because he had such a bad time when he got sick back in August, and I am hoping to prevent any reoccurring situations in the months ahead.

First we had Ember's stats taken.
Weight ~ 10 pounds, 13 ounces (51%)
Height ~ 23 1/2 inches (89%)
Head ~ 15 1/4 inches (52%)

She is looking good!

Then Dr. Thompson came in and checked her out. She has some really goopy eyes right now. We are going to keep an eye on them. Continue the warm washcloths and now try putting a little saline drops in from time to time through out the day. Dr. Thompson thinks it will clear up as her eyes continue to develop. We will see.

Then it was time for the not so fun part. I decided to have Bug go first with his flu shot. He cried so bad. *I noticed tonight while getting his jammies on that he is bruised in his thigh where the shot was given~ :( *
Then it was Lady Bug's turn. Oh, my poor poor baby! She cried so hard! Held her breath for what seemed like eternity, and caused Bug to start crying again and cover his ears. It took quite a bit of comforting to calm her down. When I was trying to get her legs back in her sleeper she cried, because I think she thought I was going to give her another shot. She stopped when realized I was just putting her clothes back on.

After I got the kids both calmed down, we drove over to my Anti Coagulation Appointment. I have been going once a week for several weeks because my numbers are not climbing, but went down. It has been at 2.0 for the past 4 weeks. It needs to be 2.5 or 2.6. Today I got some good news. It has finally jumped up to 2.3. I am to continue my dosing for the next week and then next Thursday I have another appointment. I am hoping it will have increased a bit more, or stayed the same. Don't want it to drop. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. If they can't get my number higher, I might have to go back to the inject ables. I REALLY don't want to have to give myself shots two times a day. Having to do that for a week when I came home from the hospital was enough for me for my life time. I am so glad that I am not diabetic, and have to give myself insulin shots. That would be the worse.

The rest of the day has just been me dealing with two kids who do not feel too good. Bug has been especially defiant today, and whining all the time. It really is starting to get old. He is going to bed early. I am just hoping that he sleeps through the night ok. We have had two really good nights with him falling asleep all by himself and staying in his room sleeping tell 6am. NICE! ok...some of you might think that 6am is really to early, but this kid usually gets up anywhere from 4am to 5am. So 6am is really good. Got to go put him to bed, and then take care of Lady Bug. She is doing better, but not really all that happy.

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Renee' Pendergrass said...

Oh Brenda! Poor Brenda. LOL
What a fun time at the Dr's!
I am going w/both kids tomorrow, but Bug won't be getting a shot, actually he needs the flu shot!
Sounds like Lady Bug is growing just fine and healthy!

jennbecc said...

Glad LB is doing so good but sorry they both had shots...ugh. We missed the flu shot clinic last weekend so I need to find out when another one will be. I hate shots. :(
Glad your numbers are going up again so you don't have to do the 2x daily injections. I guess I just got used to them for the 7 months I did them....if it's even possible to get used to giving yourself shots....?? *L*
Here's to hoping that you have two late sleepers so you can enjoy some sleep yoursef! Z&J wake up between 5:30 & 6:30 too....ugh! Kids are stinkers!! *L*

Colby family said...

hey! do you guys go to the "penguin" doctor? if so, isn't dr. thompson the BEST! my boys love him!!!

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