Saturday, November 29, 2008

Can't believe it!

Lady Bug is so good at holding herself up. She often acts more like a 4 or 5 month old rather than only just turning 3 months. She has always had very strong neck muscles and was holding her head up a few days after she was born, and her legs...don't get me started on them. She loves to be standing and because of this her legs are really strong too.

Since she wants to be standing or sitting up most of the time I decided to go a head and pull out the exersauser and see how she would do in it. She seems to like it a bit. She still perfers to have me holding her but I think she is learning to be ok with giving me a little bit of time to get a drink of water, and use the bathroom. When she is finished playing on her own, she lets me know.
I think once she truly learns how to move her hands to grab the things she wants she will like it even more, and then when the jumping starts...there will be no stopping her.

3 jittering comments:

Grammy said...

Well...will you look at this! I like #3 the best...makes me laugh out loud! She is beautiful and I am starting to see a little Brenda in her...cute!

The Girls and Dad B. said...

Look how cute she is! She reminds me of my first one, she was always trying to stand up and go go go! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

jennbecc said...

#3 is my favorite too! *L* I had fun shopping for her today! *L* Well....Bug too! *L* But since I don't have any girls it was funner! :)

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