Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bottle Baby

Lady Bug started holding her own bottle (or trying) when she was only 3 months old. She has continued to get better and better at it. Unfortunately, when she eats she gets easily distracted and will drop her bottle, and then gets very up set because she can't grab it to put it back into her mouth. This happens a lot with her Passy (bottle nipple~ because she refuses to take a normal pacifier). I usually have to stand next to her crib and hold the passy in while she drifts off to sleep. I can't wait tell she is old enough to take care of this all on her own, and maybe she will be interested in a real pacifier by then too.
Back to bottles. Here are several shots I got of her this past week holding her bottle. One very interesting bottle technique in the last picture.

3 jittering comments:

jennbecc said...

Love it! :) But she doesn't get too much air in her stomach from using a nipple as a paci?

Brunabug said...

I am sure she gets a bit of air in her stomach from the nipple being used as a paci, but I keep giving her other ones and she will not take them. I have even tried putting cotton in the nipple and tape on the bottom to keep it inside and to prevent the air coming into her tummy but she spits it out. She really likes the whole in it. STRANGE! I have talked to her doctor about it, but we have not come to a better solution for now.

Renee' Pendergrass said...

that's so cute!
Rose tries to grab her bottle w/one hand, but has a ways to go.

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