Friday, January 16, 2009

Crazy about FOOD!

wow! Look at that. What is that??? Oh yeah, that is that thing Mommy keeps calling a Spoon. She uses that to bring the yummy stuff to my mouth.

mmmm....I think food would be really good right now. Thinking about yummy food.

I am going to do this myself. How does this thing work?

Hey, I got it!

Look at me Mom! I am doing it!
Lady Bug is really interested in eating solids. She gets crazy and very vocal if she sees us eating and she is not given some too. I have been a really bad mother when it comes to introducing new foods to her but in my defence she is CRAZY for FOOD!

A few weeks back I was holding her and we were sitting at the kitchen table. I had just finished my lunch and Bryan asked me if I wanted a Rice Crispy Treat. I said yes, and he brought me one. We started talking about something (can't remember now). About 30 seconds after getting the Rice Crispy Treat Lady Bug lunged at it, and with both her grubby little hands pulled it to her mouth and began to lick the treat to death. When I pulled it away from her she was so angry! I couldn't help but laugh. She is CRAZY about FOOD. She loves everything I have given her to try (peas, applesauce, peaches, yogurt, squash, bananas, carrots and the traditional RICE cereal) She just seems to eager to try everything she sees, but she is just to little, and gets very angry when she can't have something. I think she is going to be a very eager child trying to keep up with her Brother. She is going to want to do allot of the things he is doing. This should be a very interesting road.

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jennbecc said...

Sounds like she's ready for a nice steak dinner. :)

Andrea said...

good luck with that. too cute.

Becky said...

These pictures are too cute. I think we started our kids on solid food around 5 months- isn't she pretty close to 5 months old? It's great that she loves it- mine seemed to all be picky about one food or another. Anyway- sounds like she was ready! The story about the rice krispy treat is so funny- that reminds me of Lillian. Now as a 2 year old she sniffs out sweets like a blood hound. She has such a sweet tooth!

Stephani said...

Ah, so cute! Love your descriptions of what she was thinking, it fits perfectly.

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