Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cat & Ladybug

Ok...I have to share something with you all. A little story. This is Pepe' my 15 pound Tabby cat. When Bryan and I lived in California back in 2000 we bought our first house, and with that I wanted to get a dog. But having a dog would require a lot more work and with me working 40 hours away it would be hard on a dog to be alone so much, so I talked Bryan into letting me get another cat. He was the cutiest kitten ever, but Wild to the Bone. I loved Pepe' like he was my own child. I carried him around everywhere. I gave him baths (he liked them when he was a kitten) and would blow dry him softly tell he was all warm and cozy. After 6 months I still wanted a dog. Pepe' was great but I was missing something. I wanted to care for something, and I thought it was a dog. In April of 2001 I realized that it was not a dog that I wanted but I wanted to have a baby. That month during our monthly visit to the Temple too meet up with Bryan's Brother Derek and his wife Janel we talked on the drive home and that is when we both realized we really wanted to try and have kids. So the trying began. And it continued and continued, and continued. To no luck. Started the Infertility Roller Coaster.

Pepe' still got a lot of pampering during this time. But in March of 2005 our wait was over and Bug came into our lives through Foster Care to Adopt. I had received some baby gifts from co-workers and showed them to Bryan one afternoon. Pepe' was so excited to play with the tissue paper. This cat LOVES paper!!!! LOVES it! Anything that makes that crinkeling noice. He is all over it.
Well, I had not given it much thought how funny it was that he would play with the tissue paper until the other day when I got the following pictures of Ladybug doing almost the same thing-playing with tissue paper.
She also loves paper! Crinkeling it in her hands, and trying to suck on it. It is so dangerous that she likes it so much. I do let her enjoy it from time to time and watch her like a hawk to make sure she doesn't get any of the wet, soggy paper down her throut. That would be very very bad. But she loves it so much. I have tried to give her those toys that have the crinkel sound, but it just doesn't do the same for her. I think it is more the tecture she likes, rather than the sound. If any one has some suggestions I would love them.

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Benita said...

Cute story, she is such a cute little "kitty".

Andrea said...

My little guy loves paper too. I've never had tissue paper around. I try to keep it away, and if he happens to grab it he can play until it's in the mouth then it goes away.

Renee' P said...

IF she likes it, then I say let her be. That's funny about your cat though. Sounds like it was meant to be!

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