Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Chicken Pox Baby!

December 2013~My daughter got Shingles when she was only 5 yrs old.  Be aware that if your child got the wild virus of Chicken Pox they may get shingles very young and could also get them multiple times.


My baby has the chicken pox! Can you believe it? She just turned 6 months old yesterday and I did notice a couple little spots (blemishes) on Monday when we headed out to get her 6 month pictures taken. The photographer photoshoped the blemishes out when the pictures were taken and the poses were picked.
After wards we headed out to a play date for Bug and Ladybug just wanted to sleep through it. She was cranky but nothing more than normal. I just figured she was tired. When we got home she went down for a nap and slept for 3 straight hours! When she woke up last night (7pm) she seemed happy and OK...but with in 30 minutes of being awake she was cranky and acting like she was tired. So I took her into the bathroom and gave her a bath. I noticed another spot on her back but once again just thought it was baby acne. Got her ready for bed and she slept through the night (only one feeding at 12 midnight) and when she woke up at 6am she just wanted another bottle and fell back to sleep. By 8am I was getting a bit worried by all the sleeping so I went to wake her up and that is when I saw more spots on her head. She needed to be changed and that is when I saw several more spots on her chest, back, tummy and neck. I counted 20 spots. All different sizes. The ones on her back look like they were a bit scabby or right before that scabby stage. I called her Dr. office and they want me to call back tomorrow to report on how things are going. They can't confirm she has the chicken pox but that it sounds like she does, and to treat her like she does which means she is contagious.
As today progressed she has developed several more spots.
She seems so pleasant despite this, but gets very tired...which is expected. She is really mellow when it comes to being sick, witch is nice in a way when Bug is the total opposite. He whines and cries the whole time he is sick. Making it really no fun.
Here is a video showing the spots. The pictures are not great...because she is moving all the time and will not hold still.
I thought I would be cooped up in my home alone for the rest of the week, but my friend Alyson and her son will be coming over tomorrow to expose her son to the chicken pox. LOL We will see if this will be the time he finally gets it. I guess he has been exposed 3 other times in the past. Ladybug might have the magic touch, since she seemed to get these chicken pox and I have NO idea where or from whom. It is so confusing.

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jennbecc said...

I hope it's not...but maybe! :( She sure is getting to be a wiggly little chub! LOL!

Kristen said...

Oh no!! I think that's the youngest I've ever heard of getting Chicken Pox. I hope it's a mild case and she's able to get over it quickly. I do have to say that I'm kind of jealous. I went out of my way to expose my children to Chicken Pox in order to get that lifetime immunity that the vaccine doesn't offer. Unfortunately, it didn't work. *sigh* By the looks of her, it's really not bothering her too much at all. Couldn't think of a better way to get them! (((HUGS)))

Renee Pendergrass said...

Oh sad! I've never heard of a baby having chiken pox that young either! Crazy. Has she had the Chicken Pox vaccine yet? Or is that for the 9 mo ck up?
Poor baby!

Anonymous said...

My son had chicken pox when he was about 6 months old but i've just read that if a child is very young and have a mild infection thenthey can get them again. I hope not but have read a few different reports.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post(found it on google), this helped me confirm that my 2 1/2 month old has the Chicken Pox. I had shingles a couple weeks ago. I thought I did a good job of keeping them covered(on my arm) and I even went without holding her for about a week.

Poor girl has been in NICU 2 times since birth..She just can't seem to win! She was born with one kidney and hydrocolpos--currently has a little hole in her belly to drain any fluid build up in her uterus. We will take her in tomorrow and I hope the CP won't be an issue with her current problems..
Not to mention she has a big 3 month appointment for Ultrasounds etc June 3rd....Probably have to move that :/

Anyhow probably WAY too much info for you but I tend to ramble sometimes :)

Thanks again!
Shay from Wisconsin

Brunabug said...

Oh Shay!
I am so sorry to read about your little one. She sure has had a lot on her plate since she has entered this world. I hope that you get the help for her and the chicken pox tomorrow.
I am not sure if you will ever see this comment but I would hope that you keep me posted on how she is doing. Send me an email at brunabug@yahoo.com if you feel comfortable. I hope things go well. I am glad that my post about the chicken pox helped you during this time. Like I said I hope you can get some help for her. She is just sooooo young to be having this. Ladybug being 6months was scary enough for me. I can only imagine how you and your family is feeling right now.

Noa said...

Thanks for posting the pictures, my exactly 6 month old daughter also seems to have chicken pox. Doctor said he thought it was, but as they are at the moment only localized to her head and face, he couldn't quite say, though he did say mosquitos don't bite where there's hair. However her spots look exactly like your child's, especially the head ones. My 3 year old is vaccinated, so I hope this will pass quickly. Did you daughter have any other symptoms (fever) or was she just cranky (as mine is)?

Brunabug said...

Hi Noa,
I once again have no idea if you will ever get this comment, but I will try and answer your question about if my daugter had a fever during the time she had the chicken pox. I was never able to get a very accurate temp because I am just really bad about getting a good temp. I believe that she did have a slight temp. She seemed very tired. Wanted to sleep quite a bit at first. The first two days she slept a lot actually. Then by day 4 she was very itchy. The calamine lotion helped a great deal. I just kept her on tylenol to keep any aches she might have been having at bay.
Oh and to top off her having the chicken pox at the beginning of her 6 months she was also breaking her first two bottom teeth in too. I think the reason that it went so smoothly with the teeth was because of the tyenol. I hope this added information helped. Also, hope you get your answers regarding wither she really has the chicken pox. Just keep an eye out for more in the next few days. They will continue to pop up for the next week. Good luck.

amy quinn said...

Thanks for posting pictures...I think my daughter might have it also! We thought it heat rash or a bite but more seem to appear like it did for ladybug. Our girl is 5 so no big deal but I do have a 3 month old baby so i might keep him away till the dr. confirms. Anyway your blog is fun to read!

Amber said...

Thank you so much for these pictures! I have been looking across the internet for the past couple hours at a ton of websites trying to find pictures of any other babies that had chicken pox so I could at least compare my 9 month old daughter's spots to see if that was maybe what she had. I'm pretty sure now, thanks to your pictures, that that is what she has. Very reluctant to take her in to the dr to make sure, but her father is almost demanding to do it to get her any meds that she could possibly take. How did you figure out that Lady Bug had chicken pox? I know you said you called, and sent in pictures, but did you do anything else? And what all did you do to help her through it? I might have missed a few things lol

Anonymous said...

This is an old thread but I will add just for info as this turned up on a google search I did for chicken pox.
My son currently has chicken pox and is 7 months old. My friends daughter had it at 4 months old and then had it a second time at 12 months, so it would appear, if caught very young and mildly they can catch it again.

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