Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update on Chicken Pox.

Update on Chicken Pox....
My daughter at 5 yrs of age she developed Shingles. 
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Well, I had to email some pictures to Ladybug's Dr. today for them to look at and confirm if she has the Chicken Pox and they did call me with a confirmed yes. Despite this information we have been busy with guests coming over to play and have their children be exposed. LOL
Oh and to answer Renee's question from the last post. The Chicken Pox Vac is not given out tell the child is 12 months old and then they have to have boosters every 3 years. Bug had the Vac when he was 12 months old and is due for his booster at his 4 year check up in a few weeks. I don't think he will get the Chicken Pox but we are keeping and eye on him. I hope he doesn't get it because he has his birthday party at Jump and Bounce this coming Saturday and I paid money into that and don't want to have to cancel it. I am working on trying to find a sitter for Ladybug so that both Bryan and I can attend Bug's party. Sad that Ladybug will not be able to attend, but I don't want to push bringing her with all the spots on her. It is going to be a good two weeks tell all the spots are gone. What fun. NOT!!!
We had a busy day with visitors today and visits at friends homes today to expose children to the CHICK POX.
I took Ladybug over for a play date at my friend Alyson's home to try and expose her son to Chicken Pox. He is 6 years old and has been exposed 3 other times but has not come down with the stuff. So we will see if Ladybug has the magic touch and he finally gets it. I got a Massage out of the deal. While Alyson gave me my massage her son babysat Ladybug. She cried most of the time. Her son didn't know what to do to make her stop crying. I felt bad for him because he was trying to hard to make her happy. He even read her books. He was so sweet.

Also, I had a friend from church bring her 4 kids over to expose them too. The two little ones were not interested in playing with the spotted baby at all. All of Bug's toys were way more fun to play with than a crying baby.

I think I need to be charging money for this don't you???
The pictures in this post were taken at 8am on Wednesday and as I put her to bed tonight she has several more on her face. They just keep coming.

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Andrea said...

So sad.
I don't think I'd be trying to expose my kids. hope she gets well soon.

Renee' P said...

OH so sorry, again.
At least it'll be done and over w/for Lady Bug. She won't have to worry about it when she's older.
I will pass on having Dom and the babies exposed to the POX. I will take my chances and hope the vacc will do the trick.
Lots of love!
See you at the party!

Grammy said...

Makes me itchy just looking at her!
oh...I see a little Brenda in there and...I see RED hair! * smiles *

Becky said...

Wow- I haven't heard of someone having the chicken pox in a long time! I honestly haven't heard of anyone in YEARS who has gotten the disease, the only one was someone who didn't immunize their child. I guess it IS possible, especially in babies who haven't been immunized yet! Luckily, having it as a baby isn't serious - - though a pain for you, I am sure! I also can't believe people are trying to expose their kids. It is so rare now because of the vaccine (they can't even start school here without it), there isn't much of a worry that children will catch it when there older and the disease will be more severe. Isn't that the whole reason people expose their young children, so they will get it "over with" at a younger age because the older they are, the worse it is? Since it is so rare to actually catch, getting it "over with" shouldn't be an issue, right? I don't know, it seems to me getting a little shot is ALOT easier than trying to expose my child and hoping they will get the actual disease (which is NO fun!). I remember people doing that when I was little- but before there was a vaccine! Sorry to get on a soap box, but it really bugs me when people are against immunizing. I know some people have concerns about side effects - - but that is more rare than catching the disease and causing more damage than the side effects. BUT . . . I do agree that each parent has the right to decide what they feel is best for their child, I just hope they make their decisions well informed.

Anyway, sorry for the hassle it has caused you!

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