Thursday, February 26, 2009

Crazy Days

I have had a crazy few days. With Ladybug having the chicken pox I feel like my life is spining out of control.
Just have been tricky trying to cordinate someone to stay home with her while I have to go run errans or go to doctor appointments. It has been a challange.
Ladybug is doing well. She continues to be plesant, but is looking like a leapord today! The spots look like they hurt but she doesn't seem to notice them.

I have been working on finding someone to watch her on Saturday for a few hours during Bug's birthday party. I think it is finally worked out but we had to do a lot shifting time and moving things around schedule wise. I am greatful for one of the girls in my Activity Day Group who is going to watch Ladybug. I will try and post pictures of the progress on the chicken pox later today. It is looking pretty gross now.

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Renee' P said...

Hang in there. The pox will be cleared shortly. Hope you can relax at the b-day party and not worry about Lady Bug.

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