Friday, February 27, 2009

More chicken pox pictures

UPDATE!!!  It has been over 5 yrs since my daughter had the chicken pox.  She developed Shingles December 2013!   I have a picture of them in a post have to scroll down a little bit.

I am sorry if the pictures are so gross but I am posting them to show the progress of the Chicken Pox so that I can go back and see.

She is actually trying to get up on her knees in this picture!

Friday afternoon. She had Calamine on the itchy spots. It is helping.

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Anonymous said...

Wow shes really got em........john

Anonymous said...

I found your pics when I googled chicken pox and babies. I am starting to think my 10 month old son might have them but am not sure. I first noticed a red spot above his eyebrow about a week ago, then it started to look like a bug bite and kinda disappeared. So I never thought anything about it. Well, he now has a bump on his forearm that has a serious head on it. It looks like a huge zit. He also has a mild rash all over his back but my husband says it is because I switched to a different shampoo for him. So I guess what I am getting at is, when is it chicken pox and when is it baby acne? He has never had these spots come up before. I thought since you have been through this you might be able to tell me some of the early signs you might have noticed before your little ladybug came down with the pox. By the way your daughter is a cutie pie.

hungeryjack said...

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful baby! Hope all is well!!! I also stumbled upon your blog by trying to find photos of Chicken Pox in early stages. My 4 year old daughter had no markings on her last night at bedtime, woke up this morning with a few here and there, by bedtime tonight she has about 20 scattered on her face, one arm, and one leg. Most are on her face. They look similar to a bug bite, but boyfriend said Pox... Drs tomorrow! LOL Funny how we can stumble upon things online... HOpe all is well! (

Shelby said...

p/s horrid pictures refer to the Google images of probably the most severe cases of chicken pox.. never fails, you look for an image of something and its always the WORST of the WORST..

Anonymous said...

just been looking through your pics and i thins my little trouble maker has them too he came out in spots so has been off nursery for a week now but then these larger ones came up and the others just disappered but the new larger ones look like what you little ones first stages looked like. hes also sleeping alot though this is nothing new, before he started nursery waking him before 11am ment a mardy baby for the day. taking him down walk in centre tomorrow to cheak though as i have already missed a week of collage with him being off nursery and need to go back if he has nothing contagious. :)

Chelsea Stewart said...

thank you for posting your information on chicken pox i now believe my little one has them i started noticing a bump on her head when i bathed her last night, this morning she woke up i checked and this is about 13 she is a year old and only been wanting to sleep lately there isnt a fever, but she is fussy

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