Sunday, February 15, 2009

sick yet again.

I had a very interesting evening last night. Ladybug passed out on me at 4:30pm in her car seat when I went to go get her some dinner. I moved her into my bedroom. I believed she would only sleep for 30 minutes.

Bug was wild! He would not settle down. I was sorting some clothes for the Donation Station (A non-profit free clothes donation for Foster and Adoptive families). The clothes I was sorting were REALLY GROSS! Have no idea why someone would think anyone would want them even if they were free. Holes, stains (bad, gross stains). To top it all off I found dead bugs in the bags of clothes I was sorting. GROSS! Wasps a some weird looking beatle bug, that actually was still alive when I touched it with my paper towel to toss out in the garbage can.

Bug thought the pile of clothes I had on the living room floor was all for his enjoyment, and proceeded to jump off the couch into the pile of discussting clothes that were going into the garbage because of all the stains and holes in them. He did it over and over and screamed each time the line that Linus does in one "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown". Charlie Brown just rakes up all the leaves and here comes Linus gripping his wet sucker and he screams and leaps into the air to land head first into the pile of leaves and when he surfaces his sucker is now covered with leaves and so is his mouth. It was funny to watch Bug doing this, but it got old really quick. I didn't really want him jumping in the pile of gross clothes.

After much convincing I managed to get him to watch "Meet the Robinson's" on Netflix while I picked up all the clothes and reclaimed my living room. The whole time I kept going into check on Ladybug, but she was OUT!

At 7:45pm I had Bug laying on the floor of the living room still watching the movie and had to finally give in and give him some melatonin. I don't like having to give it to him, but he was not about to settle down. Within, 10 minutes he was asleep. Then I heard ladybug crying, so I went into the bedroom and found her on the floor! She had inched her way out of the car no more sleeping in it with out the seat bet on! She is getting so good at getting around. I am happy, but now I need to be more alert that she doesn't get into something she shouldn't, and with Bug and his desire to leave his crayons and pencils and such on the floor, I have my work cut out for me to train him and keep vigilant.

So I got Ladybug and she was MAD! She was telling me how upset she was. REALLY! I had to laugh a little because she was seriously giving me attitude. I managed to get Bug into his bed, and then was going to hang out with Ladybug a little bit. I thought she was hungry and would not want to got back to bed. Wrong. She screamed when I tried to feed her some bananas, and so I took her into the bathroom for her bath. She screamed before the bath, a little bit during the bath, and was done in 2 minutes, and wanted OUT! I got her out and made up another bottle and put her back to bed. She grabbed that bottle so fast and her eyes were closed. She was sooooo tired.

I went to bed shortly after getting her down, but I didn't get much sleep. Bug woke me up 5 times from 12 midnight tell 2am. He had a really stuffy nose and he freaks when he can't breath through his nose while he sleeps. After the fifth time having to go in and help him I asked Bryan to help him, and what ever he did it worked because he didn't make a sound tell 6am! Ladybug slept through the night as well with only one feeding somewhere between 12 and 2am when I was dealing with Bug.

I made the decision that we would not be going to church today because Bug is coughing and his nose is running, clogged, and he has been more cranky then his normal self.

So today, while the kids are either taking a nap or having some quite time, I am updating my blog.

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Andrea said...

What a night!
Gross about those clothes. Makes me sick just reading about it all. yuck.
Hope everyone gets better quick.

jennbecc said...

Hope you have a better night!

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