Monday, April 06, 2009

Spring Breaks Fun

Bug had a Spring Break Class through Mobius called Bubbleology. It was held last week on Tuesday.

We rode the bus downtown. Bryan was able to attend and was a huge help with Ladybug.

Before the class started we stopped by the library to return some videos and get some new ones. Bug wanted to push Ladybug while she was in the stroller. It was so funny.

Here is a couple videos of him pushing her.

Bryan hung out with Ladybug in the Toddler area. She loved the big tubes that have fun stuff inside such as balls, glitter, leaves, etc...

Bug had a great time in the class learning about how bubbles are made. He got to create his own bubble wand in any shape he wanted to see if he could make different shapes...but they always turned out round. He also got to paint a picture with bubbles. And the best part was saved for the last when he got to climb inside a bubble.

The teacher called him a Bubble Head and he keeps saying it over and over again. Laughing so hard you would think he would pass out.

3 jittering comments:

Jamie said...

How fun Brenda! What a fun day! Bug is such a darling little boy!!!

jennbecc said...

CUTE! Those videos cracked me up! Poor LB! I wonder if she was getting motion sickness from all the back and forth? *L* So funny though!

Joy said...

I almost signed Troy up for the Mobius bubble class. Now I wish I would have. He would have enjoyed seeing Spencer and also would have been entertained for an hour instead of driving me bonkers! Spring break from preschool was rough on us. Next school break I need to remember to plan more. Looks like Spencer is getting along great with the kids & teachers at Mobius. Try not to stress too much about his behavior. A lot of it is just him being a 4-year old boy! You are right to try to focus on all the positives and it sounds like the positive list is pretty long with him too!

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