Monday, April 27, 2009

Vacation Full Day 5

Today was a busy day shopping for a doggie door for my Mom's new home and then driving up to see her new place and trying to install it. It was not successful though. :( I am bumbed. I wanted this to work out. Why is it so difficult to try and do something from start to finish. I didn't want my sister or brother in law to have to deal with anything in regards to this gift for my mother. I wanted me to pick it out and have Bryan install it and everything to be great. But the door would not fit. So besides installing the doggie door being a waste, we did get to manage to see my mom's new place. She has made it feel like home. She seems happy, and so do the dog and cat.

After lunch at my mom's we headed back to Rohnert Park, to the hotel. Ladybug was a bear. Crying and fussing. And Bug was no better. I ended up heading over to my sister's place alone while Bryan dealt with the kids. The meeting with my Step Dad had to be canceled but it has been rescheduled for later this week.

Oh, and something I am not sure I should really post, but I thought you other mom's would understand (well I hope you would), so I am going to post it anyway.

We were driving back from my Mom's place along these really whindy roads when we almost get to the bottom of the mountain when Bug says, "Mom, What is wrong with this picture? You forgot to put my seat belt on." Bryan looked back and Bug is gripping the seat just to stay seated. LOL I was shocked, I forgot. Bad, Bad, Mommy!

oh and lastly, I think we burned out our remote starter. I tired to start the van at my mother's place so that the air conditioning could be cooling the van before we all got in, but it would not start. I handed Bryan the keys and he tried it but got nothing. He started the van with the key and a bunch of smoke came out from the dash. The smoke stopped but the remote starter is still not working. :( bummer.

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