Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vacation Full Day 6

Really rough night. This time with Ladybug. She was up crying every 2 hours through out the night. She seemed very warm and I think she is getting sick too.

Met up with my sister and mom at the Kids Spot in Sebastopol. The kids had fun playing on all the toys. Bug continued to have issues sharing, but he was not the only one. He was just the one who was a bit more vocal about it.

Afterwards we headed to my sister's place. The little kids got to take naps, while Bug got to have free playtime in Auntie Jen's back yard! He had a great time. He got Grammy to follow him around while he told her stories. I got to have my sister look at my camera and explain some things. Not sure if things will be better but I understand things a bit more. The zoom was very confusing to me. I have yet to take pictures inside like I do most of the time at home, but she did show me how to zoom in and crop my pictures on my camera after the picture has been taken.

My good friend Anne and her son came over last night for dinner. My sister made her yummy Tater Tot casserole. It was fun to watch her hold Ladybug. We didn't stay to late because the kids needed to get to sleep. After returning to the hotel tonight Bryan and I got to watch CSI on Netflix. It was GREAT! Felt like I was home from vacation. LOL

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Renee' P said...

Wow! What a vacation so far. Sorry you're having a hard time w/the kids at night. I hope Lady Bug sleeps better.

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