Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Vacation Full Day 7

Up bright and early once again. I can't wait tell I get to sleep in my own bed again, one where Bug is not kicking me in the back, and one where I won't hear every little noise that either of the kids are making.

Howarth Park was on the agenda today. When I was a little kid I loved going to this place. Feed the ducks, ride the little train, Carousel horse rides, pony rides, and play on the playground/cowboy town. They have worked really hard to upgrade the park and make it a fun and enjoyable place to play. Since it was not the weekend we could only play in the new improved play area, with a dinosaurs fossil area, that Bug loved! He kept saying he had traveled back in time to the time of the dinosaurs. LOL

We also got to feed the ducks. Hilarious! Bug was a bit freaked out because he remembered the ducks back home attacking him for bread. The ducks today were very nice.

After a slow but steady short walk along one of the walking paths we headed back to my sister's place. Bryan had "mark up" to do for his work. This is when he has to pick his work for the next 4 months. He GOT (I can't believe I it happened) SUNDAY'S OFF!!!!!!!!!!!! I am excited! I hope I like it as much as I do now when the work really starts and when I see how the rest of our weeks go. He will also have Wednesdays off, which is nice to have a weekday off for me to run errands.

We headed back to our hotel to rest up, and then headed over to the "Funky Monkey" for the kids to play. We got there early since Bug could not stand being cooped up in the hotel any longer. He had a blast climbing on the mini jungle. Did take a header right at the beginning and I had to go in after him, but he bounced back quickly and was soon a pro at getting through the maze. The games held his fasination more. He went crazy for this carecel horse ride, and must have rode that thing 20+ times. He could not get enough of it.

We got to meet up with family and friends. My Step-Dad, my Step Sister and her boyfriend, and my niece (who is looking so grown up- she will be 13 this year!!!), and our good friend Jerilyn and her cute little daughter who is 4 months older than Ladybug. My sister and her husband and their two boys came too. It was fun to watch the kids play. My sister and I even climbed into the jungle with all the boys (Bug and her twins) and rode the slide down. That thing was scary! I had one of the twins on my lap and I got my arm stuck doing down. OUCH!

After playing for 3 hours it was time to say goodbye, and head back to our hotel for bed. We have a very busy day tomorrow.

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