Thursday, April 30, 2009

Vacation Full Day 8

Pretty good night sleep for us. Surprise!
We got up and dressed and headed to Baker's Square for breakfast and to meet up with my Mom, and Sister and family. We had a very delicious breakfast even though it took forEVER to arrive at our table. The kids (mine) were driving me CRAZY! Mostly Ladybug. She kept grabbing at everything, and knocking things on the floor. And those floors are SCARY! GERMS!

After eating and reloading up in our vehicles we drove down to Sasalito to spend some time at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. On our way (about 5 minutes into our 1 hour drive down) we got to experience the ever amusing car wreck on the 101. It took about 20 minutes for us to make our way past it, and of course there was tons of Rubber Neckers, having to look. I so don't miss driving on that stretch of road. It is only two lanes of road and the accidents always seem to happen during the stretch of road where there is not an exit to take, and you are stuck!

After our delay we managed to have little trouble getting down to Sausalito. The Bay Area Discovery Museum was really fun. The kids got to play in water, dress up in insect costumes, learn about how the ocean works/waves, and be in a video with whales. Bug's favorite part was the craft area, where he was able to make an alien out of recyclable items. His Imagination never ceases to amaze me. He loves glue!

We had to cut our trip short because Ladybug was tired! Screaming and Crying was all she could do after all the new things to look at. She slept in the car back to Rohnert Park and so did Bug but they both were wide awake when we arrived at the Hotel. Ladybug then proceeded to scream and scream and scream her lungs out. It was like how she was when she came home from the hospital. She had to go to the bathroom but could not. Bryan "triggered" her and we pumped her legs, and gave her a bottle and layed her down in her playpen, and she finally went. She continued to whine allot the rest of the afternoon until I could not stand it anymore and layed her down in her playpen. She fell instantly asleep. She only got 30 minutes and then we had to head over to the Black Bear Dinner to meet my Mom and Sister and her family for dinner.

We had laughs from trying to stick spoons on our noses. Even Ladybug gave it a try....NOT! Bug did it! It was funny.

After a yummy dinner and all the laughing, it was time to say goodbye to my family. It was a tearful farewell. Bug wanted to head back over to cousin's house and play "Back to the Future" with Grammy. It was hard getting both the kids to bed, but we finally did. I got most of the car packed so it should pretty easy getting on the road tomorrow. Here is hoping for a good nights sleep tonight.

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