Friday, May 01, 2009

Vacation Heading Home Day 1

Worst night ever! Ladybug was up SCREAMING most of the night. Nothing seemed to sooth her. I am tired beyond. I can't wait to get home.

We got on the road at 8am...after getting donuts! Have to admit, I ran out of time on looking on the internet for directions on how to get back to the I-80 to head north on the 505, but I was able to get us there from memory. And it seemed like it took less time than I remember it when we lived here and needed to go to Sacramento to fly.

The drive was uneventful. We are all very tired. Ladybug did sleep. Bryan and I keep joking that we have "Broke" her on the sleeping issue in the car. She did great tell we hit Weed, CA and then she needed to have Bryan sit in the back with her. I hope tomorrow she does better and we don't have to sit back there the whole time. I can't wait tell she is 1 year old and can face forward in her car seat. I think this will help out A LOT! I know she also needs to be 20 lbs and i am sure she is getting pretty close to that after this trip. She has been eating and eating...getting chunky!

We arrived at our hotel just before the rain hit, and are all settled in. Getting the kids to bed and hoping that Bryan and I can enjoy some CSI on the internet tonight.

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Renee' P said...

Oh honey! I'm sorry this trip has been hectic w/the kids.
WEll, when you get back you have to look forward to packing!

Washington law states that your child must be 1yr and 20lbs, or 20lbs if under a year. I think Lil's there too and I'm thinking about turning her carseat around.

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