Sunday, May 03, 2009

Getting back into the swing of things...

Well, not to bad of a night last night. Ladybug only woke up one time (around 4am). I gave her a bottle and she settled right back down tell 8am this morning. Bug on the other hand was up 4 times through the night. He kept coming into our room saying he had a bad dream. I was pretty sure this as going to happen, since he had Mommy and Daddy in the same room and half the time got to sleep with one of us while we were on vacation. I stuck to my guns and took him back to his bed and tucked him in. Reminded him that Jenny (his stuffed giraffe) was there to keep him safe. He held on tight to her around the neck and settled back down to sleep. Here is hoping that he does better tonight.

We didn’t go to church today. I am just so warn out from the trip/vacation that I needed to just stay home. I got all the 7 loads of laundry done. Even folded and put away! That is a great accomplishment for me, because I usually get distracted during the day and can barely get one load done start to finish. So I am proud of myself.

I called 3 different rentals and left messages. I am kind of freaking out because we will have to be moved out of our home by the 28th of May.

It is really surreal that it sold so quickly. 4 days! Can’t believe it. Wished that I had another place set up. I would not feel so uprooted.
It is time for a change, I know that, but where is that change going to be? Waiting for call backs from the rentals. I don’t like the waiting game.


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