Monday, May 04, 2009

The waiting game.

Both kids slept better last night. Ladybug didn’t wake up tell 7am! Bug slept through the night. Woke up at 6:30am. I didn’t sleep well at all. Thinking about where we will move too. At 5am I headed down stairs to work on packing some boxes of homeschooling stuff that I have collected. Got a bit overwhelmed. I want to organize what I have so I can better find things after the move but there just doesn’t seem like enough time.

Bryan headed to work at CME this morning earlier than I had expected, cutting into my sorting/packing time. My whole day didn’t turn out quite how I hoped. It wasn’t all worthless, just felt like I ran out of time.

Waiting for call backs from the 3 rentals I had called yesterday. The phone must have run 4 times before I had to take Bug to OT and every single one of those calls was a telemarketer!!!!!! I usually let my answering machine pick up and if it is someone I want to talk too I will answer the phone but today I was worried that one of the rental people would not leave a message so I just picked up the phone before my message started, and was extremely depressed/aggravated every time.

At 10:45am I took Bug to OT but it had been cancelled because they thought we were still on vacation. They had booked another child in Bug’s time spot. Bug was having a difficult morning so it was probably best. He kept crying, thinking I was going to leave him while I was loading up the car, and then getting Ladybug up from her morning nap. Bug was in a panic when he could not find me in the house.

Errands proved to be more challenging and non-yielding. I went to the post office to see if they had our mail. The person who was watching our cat forgot to collect our mail. But when we got home there was no mail in our box. I was a bit worried that someone had taken off with our mail. But hopped that the postal carrier had just put a HOLD on delivering it once he realized we were not picking up our mail. The post office was packed, and when I finally got to the clerk she informed me that my mail was not sorted from this branch but out in Spokane Valley. Disappointed. Then I drove over to the Library to return some books, and Bug got upset because se could not go inside to check out videos, and more books. We were suppose to meet up with Bryan and I needed to get back.

When I got home one of the rentals called and the message said it was already rented, another disappointment. Bryan got home and we headed out to see the other rental. He told me that this rental company called and said it as still available and to stop by it to look in the widows. If we wanted to go inside to come by their office to pick up a key.

We drove over to it, and peeked inside, I instantly wanted to go get the key, but Bryan had to go to work at STA and the office was out in Spokane Valley. Sooooooo…we had a quick lunch at BK while Bug played in the play area. I filled out the application and afterwards I took Bryan to work, the kids and I drove to Spokane Valley and I picked up our mail. Yes, the postal carrier had put a hold on delivering it. Thankfully! And then I drove out even farther in the valley to go get the key for the rental. I then drove back to the rental and the kids and I went inside.

CUTE! It is not our home right now, but it is very workable. 3 bedrooms upstairs, 1 bath, 2 car garage with garage door opener, washer and dryer down in the basement. The basement is unfinished but Bug could ride his bikes around down there….it is huge and flat. It is ready to be finished downstairs. In fact it looks like it had been finished downstairs at one point but it probably was really thrashed and the rental company took it all out. Wiring could be an issue as well.

There is a huge back yard, with a swing set already there. Bug loves it! I felt safe with him outside while Ladybug and I wondering around inside. I had a hard time getting Bug to leave because he was having such a good time playing. But I had to get the key back before 4:30pm. The drive back to Spokane Valley from the North side of Spokane proved to be more challenging. There is tons of traffic on the streets I wanted to take because of all the construction that is going on. Sometimes it is easier to get around this town when it is winter with snow because then at least all the main streets are open and you won’t be surprised by construction work.

I barley got to the rental agency on time. I told them I would be back the next morning with my credit check money since I didn’t have my check book with me, and wanted to show the place to Bryan.

Got home and played with the kids a bit before it was time for dinner and bed.

Here is to a restless night sleep dreaming about whether we get the place and then where all our stuff is going to go.


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