Saturday, May 02, 2009

Vacation Heading Home Day 2

We woke up pretty early. The kids slept pretty good but Ladybug did make a lot of noise at 4am, well at least I think it was 4am. We didn’t have a clock in our room so I am not completely sure. She did go to sleep around 4:30pm the night before because she had just had enough and was so cranky. She fell asleep quickly and even though Bug was having way to much fun watching TV (he gets a bit excited sometimes and yells out) she managed to sleep through it. She was TIRED!

Bryan and I were not looking forward to this last leg of the trip. It was going to be 9 hours +, and that was with out stops. With the kids that was not an option. Bug did great. In fact I think he might have been fine driving the whole way if we really had too. Ladybug was NOT ok with it, but do you blame her? I would not like having to sit in that infant car seat, rear facing for 9 hours. Boring, and uncomfortable! We did manage to get all the way to Bend, OR before she just had enough and needed a break. And then we got the Tri-Cities, in Washington State before she needed another break. In the Tri-Cities we stopped at a McDonalds because they had a play land and Bug needed to run around. Unfortunately, it was outside and it had been raining so Bug got his bottom wet, and there really was no place to put Ladybug down to crawl around. So it was not as helpful. We got back to driving rather quickly and 2 hours later we were home! Our home sweet home!

It was weird driving up to our house and seeing the SOLD sign out front. Someone was parked right in front of our house leaving us to park down the street a bit. That was not fun having to unload but we managed. I got Bug in the shower and tried to entertain Ladybug while I quickly unpacked our bags. Sorting through the dirty clothes to start a load of laundry. It looks like I have 6 or more loads to do in the next day or two. NOT fun.

Ladybug went to bed rather easily once I got her bathed and in her nice clean, warm jammies and into her crib. I was a bit worried how she was going to do being back in her crib after being in the playpen for almost 2 weeks but she did great. She didn’t make a fuss after reading her stories, kissed her head and said goodnight. And when I came upstairs and turned up the baby monitor she was quiet. We will see how the night goes.

Bug was wild the rest of the evening. It was difficult unpacking and putting things away. He just ran, and ran, and ran. He had been cooped up in small hotels, and in that car today way to long! Hope he sleeps well tonight too.


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