Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday thoughts...

Just some random thoughts.

1. Why does my son wake up at the crack of dawn. And I mean the crack of dawn. It was 4:30am this morning when he woke up and the sun was up. He thought it was morning and kept saying, "But the sun is up."

2. Need black out curtains for my son's room, or I might just tape up some tinfoil, to keep the sun out of his room at 4am.

3. The Tinfoil will fit very well for the house that has a broken frige and smashed metal storage garage in the back yard, and the crab grass lawn. I have called the rental company every single day for the past week to have the broken frige removed from my back yard, and keep getting the run around. The lady who runs the company promises that the frige will be removed tomorrow or Saturday. I am at my wits end. What should I do if it doesn't happen?

4. The joys of renting a house. (see number 3)

5. Love having my phone back. Have to rememeber I can call long distance anytime I want now and there is no extra charge. I have been so use to using calling cards to make my long distance calls that it feel so weird. I had a long talk with my mother this morning because I COULD with out any guilt. NICE!

6. Love finding paperwork (art & school work) that my son does in his back pack after school each day. Oh and a shout out to my friend Alyson who asked her son if Bug could borrow one of his back packs since I could not find one for Bug when he started school. Wrong time of the year to be looking for a new back pack. Alyson's son was so nice about letting Bug borrow his Incredible Hulk back pack. Bug loves it and looks so cute. I need to remember to get a picture of him.

7. Nervous about going to our new church ward this Sunday. I hope that we fit in. I did speak to the Primary President yesterday and informed her of some of Bug's issues. I hope he fits in well with his class, and his teachers.

8. Love watching Ladybug crawling all over the place. She is getting so fast!

9. Ladybug has been having a difficult time falling a sleep to take her naps and go to sleep at night. It has been the last two days. It is frustrating to hear her crying, and I have done back in to comfort her after about 30 minutes of crying on an off, but she will just start crying again when I leave. She finally does fall asleep, but it just seems hard for her. She is now 9 months old so this might be a developmental thing but it is still hard. I have started the teething tablets again thinking she might be teething. It has been 3 months since the bottom two came in.

10. Ladybug has started shaking her head "NO" a lot the past few days. It is funny to watch her copy me when I do it.

11. Need to get out on a date night with my husband. So need to spend some time with him. I feel like I have lost contact with him. Hoping that next Wednesday we can go out.

12. Have been walking in the morning with my friend Alyson each day. It has been good to get moving each morning. I have been enjoying chatting with Alyson (althought I really need to work on not hogging all the talking time) and I have also loved getting a chance to listen to my Maniac Mommies podcast on my way back to my house.

13. Found my family picture and can't wait to get Bryan to hang it up.


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