Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Munchies

Bug has always been a picky eater...and since we found out about the Wheat Allergy it makes a lot more since that he has been. In the past I have had to become creative to get him to eat foods. Several times a week I made "Food Face". Bug loves to see what I will create, and I like to see what I come up with too. It can be challenging sometimes with the foods I have to work with. LOL I decided to take a picture and share what I did this past week. Maybe I will post a new face each week. That would be funny.

Every time I make an "Food Face" Bug eats EVERY thing on the plate, no complaints. He comments from time to time that he is eating the eyes, or the nose, or the mouth...etc.

Kids can be so easily entertained, sometimes.

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5 jittering comments:

Kristen said...

That's awesome!!!! I'll have to try that. Thanks :-)

Andrea said...

looks fun. I'll have to try that.

Mikaela said...

I have a fairly good eater, but there are times when he doesn't want things or is picky. It will drive me nuts, and I've never thought to do funny face dinners, snacks, etc. What a clever idea. Post every week because I'd for sure be interested in seeing them! :)

jennbecc said...

I haven't made a food face myself but Zack makes them himself from time to time and says what he's eating...nose...eyes...ears. *L*

MaryRuth said...

This is so fun!

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