Sunday, August 23, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Ladybug!

Pictures from my sister's blog!

Unfortuanlty this will have to be a quick short post. My mom and sister are in town to celebrate Ladybug's 1st birthday and I have been having some computer problems so I have no pictures.

It has been a fun weekend with my mom and sister in town and celebrating Ladybug's birthday. We had a simple party for her at a park near our home. Two family friends were able to attend. Ladybug had fun diging into her cake...which happened to be shaped like a ladybug and decorated like a ladybug too. She also enjoyed crawling around on the grass and bark to get to the slides.

In the after noon we had her pictures taken and dispite the fact that she was not in the mood to really smile we managed to get two pictures of her with big grins thanks to my sister (Auntie Jen).

We also had some sick kids this past weekend as well. Bug woke me up on Friday morning with an up set tummy and proceeded to throw up every 30 minutes from 1am tell 6am. It was not fun. I was sooooooo tired on Friday when I was working on getting the last minute things ready for the party for Saturday. I did manage to spend some time with my sister and go shopping. I had a great time hanging out with her and chatting. My mom was so great about watching the kids for me after Bryan headed to work. I really needed to get out with out the kids. It made coming home even better. I miss them when I am away from them...but I do need my space.
Ladybug also got sick in the car on Saturday evening. I was a nervous reck last night wondering if she was going to throw up too all night like Bug did. But she didn't. She did get me up several times through the night though.

It was funny to look at the clock and say to myself, "You are not born yet. I was still in labor a year ago." She wanted to snuggle tons last night during the night, by putting her head on my sholder and hugging me. This is something she has just started doing, and last night she just would not stop. It was cute even though I was so midnight. I guess I am greatful that she woke me up around the time she was born because it was fun to remember what was going on a year ago.

Today we did head out to dinner with my sister and mom. We had the resturant people sing to her, and she was stunned as they did so. It was funny to watch.

I love my little Ladybug so much. She has changed so much this year...and I am proud of who she is turning into. She has so much energy and spunk. I look forward to the months ahead and the things I get to watch her do for the first time. She will always be my little Ladybug!Blog Signature

4 jittering comments:

Benita said...

Wow Its hard to believe its been a year already! Enjoy all your celebrations!

Andrea said...

wow- happy birthday to little ladybug.
Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

Renee' P said...

I'm glad she had a good party! I'm so sorry we couldn't make it. That DARN flu was a killer!
Can't wait to see pics!

Becky said...

Happy birthday to the little lady! Sorry that Bug got sick - - it always seems to happen at the worst times.

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